I have reviewed a product for EnvyDerm before. Their mascara made my lashes stand out, so I was curious to see if their lip products worked as well. I was given the opportunity to review their Lip Plumper for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I chose the Coco Shimmer Sheer color, because I’m not usually a fan of adding actual color to my lips. I like my natural color with a bit of shine.

The EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper comes in a pretty typical lip gloss container with a wand applicator. It is a nice solid packaging that would survive getting tumbled about in a purse or backpack. The tip of the wand was a bit smaller than I’m used to, but I found this to be an advantage. It gave me greater control and a more precise application. This would have been more important had I chosen one of the tinted glosses, but I also appreciated it in the sheer gloss. There was enough flex to the wand and tip to make application fast and easy.

envydermlipplumperI could feel the EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper working immediately. It started out as a light tingle and grew a bit with intensity in the following minutes. I didn’t find it uncomfortable. (When I had my mom try it, she had to wipe it off within a few minutes.) I do think it could be problematic if your lips are very dry and cracked.

I could actually feel my lips plumping up… it was like a tightening sensation in the skin on my lips. I could see a small difference in the size of my lips almost immediately. It’s not a huge difference, but enough to make them look more enticing. I didn’t notice much of a change beyond those first few minutes. The effect seemed to wear off in about two to four hours depending on how much I drank or if I ate in that time span.

It feels light on the lips, but is a little bit sticky to me. The stickiness was better than many lip glosses… none of that lipstick-like texture that I personally detest. It also lasted longer than most lip glosses that I’ve used.

The effect over time was what I most appreciated. Using the EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper on a daily basis (applied at least once a day) has improved the softness and fullness of my lips. It almost looks like I’m wearing the gloss even when I’m not! This longer-lasting effect was a pleasant surprise and a major factor in why I bumped this from an “okay” three to a “very nice” four-star review.

Overall, I recommend EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper if you are looking for a quality plumping lip gloss that will give you both immediate and longer lasting improvement of your lips.

Pros: Instantly made lips look fuller. Lightweight. Long lasting. Improved lips over time.

Cons: The tingling sensation got a bit intense at times. A bit sticky.

Overall Rating


envydermlogoSetting the standards of effective beauty care, EnvyDerm is renowned for bringing advanced eyelash care products and expertise to consumers worldwide. Experts at EnvyDerm have collaborated with research laboratories and beauty professionals in order to develop products with formulas combining well-being and technology to enhance a customer’s natural beauty. EnvyDerm continues to set the pace with innovative and proven ingredients provided by Mother Nature. Today, EnvyDerm’s expanding product line provides customers with a single source to exceed their quest for finding the best eyelash care solutions.

Plump up your lips and pump up that sexy pout that is so attractive and alluring with this sheer, lightweight revitalizing cream using the most advanced lip care technology. ($23.00)

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