I got a bit sidetracked trying to complete the scarf I’m working on for Xander, so I fell behind a bit on the journal prompts. This is where I catch up. 😉

Top Three Priorities

I would say this brings me right back to my three goals that I discussed earlier this month. Losing weight and improving my health is a top priority. I feel like this will help me to achieve other smaller goals and make me more able to do my best in meeting my other top priorities.

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Xander and Ross are also huge priorities. Making our little family the best it can be is so important. We have so much we want to accomplish.

This site is a priority too. I have a lot of work to do in reorganizing this site and making it a success. I’ve thought of giving it up many times but I enjoy my little space on the web and making it something special is a priority.

Places You’ve Visited

Rather than make a long list, I will say that I have at least touched soil in every state except Hawaii. I have actually stayed in many states for vacations and even lived in Seattle for a couple months as a kid. Ross took me on a cruise to Alaska and proposed to me at Mendenhall Glacier. That kind of made Alaska my favorite place. 😉

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Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

Whoa… getting deep now. I would say that I like to think my actions match my words in most cases. I have strong opinions and I live by them… mostly. Sometimes I have more bravado in words than in actual actions. It can take me a long time to follow through on harder decisions like when I chose to remove certain toxic family members from my life.

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