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For families, it’s always a challenge when buying new furniture. After all, it doesn’t stay looking brand-new once the kids get their hands on it! And it then means you have to head to the store for new furniture sooner rather than later! However, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Here are some easy steps to follow to protect your furniture and keep it in tip-top condition.

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Buy Covers for Your Furniture

When your furniture is left uncovered, you are putting it at risk of getting ruined. For one thing, your kids might head in the living room with pens, and items like chairs can be very enticing to draw on. Or you might have animals who leave all their hair behind on the sofa! To ensure your furniture stays in tip-top condition, you should buy a cover for your furniture. You can put this on when you are not using the furniture to keep it in good condition. Or you might want to find a clear cover which you can leave on furniture at all times!

Get Your Windows Tinted

You will be surprised how much damage UV rays can do to furniture. For one thing, it can leave it faded if it’s been sitting in the sun for an extended period. And also, it can cause the fabrics to fall apart. And if you have wood furniture, you will be in more danger. After all, the wood can darken and bleach in the sun! Therefore, to ensure your furniture lasts for longer in your home, you should look into home window tinting. That way, it will stop the glare harming your furniture. And reducing the UV rays in your home will also protect your youngsters as well!

Make It a No-Kid and Pet Area

Although it can be a challenge, you should tell your kids not to use the furniture. You might want to buy them their own alternate chair and table which they can use in the kitchen. And get them a chair which is for their own use. That way, your lovely furniture can stay stain and mark free for as long as possible! And the same goes for pets; they love to scratch the sofa with their paws and leave dirt tracks behind. Therefore, you should provide them with alternatives such as a comfy bed and a scratching post to ensure they stay off the furniture.

Look Into Getting Insurance Cover

When you buy new furniture, most stores will give you an option of cover. That way, if any marks do occur, they fix it free of charge. Although this insurance cover might seem expensive at the time, it’s worth considering. Otherwise, you will be left with marks on the furniture for the rest of its lifetime! And even if you don’t go with that particular store’s cover, you should look for cover elsewhere.

And make sure you are careful when choosing the material for your furniture. You want something which will be long-lasting with your family. For example, you ought to go for velvet, which is a lot harder to scratch than cotton or wool!

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