Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. They are the places we can retire to knowing that this is our space. Shut the door here and the world can stay outside. It a place to switch off, to have some ‘me’ time or even some couple time together. And perhaps more importantly, it is the place we sleep, dream and get our rest.

What a pity then that we take it for granted. How quickly it becomes a bit jaded and in need of a spruce up, clean out and even a fresh look. If your bedroom is feeling a little tired and unloved here are a few ways to bring some bounce back.


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A Fresh Coat of Paint

Why settle for a drab neutral bedroom when you could have it any combination of colors under the rainbow? Why not think about a colour scheme that will create a cosy atmosphere or one that is warm and inviting? If you prefer you could go for a Mediterranean feel, all white walls and blinds set off with bright splashes of colour.

There are lots of paths to choose and they are all probably more colorful and energizing than your current decor. Get out the sugar soap and give the walls a good wipe down. Choosing a whole new color scheme is easy using paint samples and color charts.

Purples and lilacs are great bedroom colors. Neutrals such as greys and browns can work well giving more of a hotel room feeling. Use interesting tactile textures to add a sense of depth and quality. Making a feature wall can be a great idea especially with luxurious wallpaper. Modern mural wallpapers offer an amazing range of natural world vistas. You could have a forest or even a desert!


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The bed is the center of everything. Get this right and everything else will start to make sense. If you’ve been in the same bed for over seven years, you need a new one. It has to be said that bed technology has come a long way. There are now some fabulous options that will give you and your partner a supportive but also comfortable sleep. Whatever type of bed you are thinking of, you can find more at Night Air Beds. Get the right bed for you and finish it off with some sumptuous bedding and quality linen. It really does make a difference. If you have ever valued that hotel room quality, then this is how you’ll achieve it.

Windows and Curtains

These are more important here than in any other room in the house. Curtains are decorative but they are also essential for ensuring that we get a good night’s sleep. Curtain liners can really work well. They also mean that your curtain fabric of choice does not have to be too dark.

Light up your bedroom with an overhead light and soothing shade. This is not the place for triads of spotlights. Downlighting can be illuminating and subtle but could require substantial rewiring. Perhaps the best investment here is a pair of good quality bedside table lamps. Make sure they give you enough light to read by but are also adjustable so one person can read while another happily snoozes. Never underestimate the benefits of good quality sleep.

This kind of makeover doesn’t generally take too long. It is also very rewarding and comforting. Hopefully, It will allow you to really see and enjoy your bedroom once more as a place of relaxation but also as a room you would enjoy spending more time in.

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