If you were to bury a time capsule, what would you put in it?

I remember when I went to a school in my hometown, they had done a bunch of remodeling in one of the years I was there. During the remodeling, they uncovered a time capsule left by the students over 50 years earlier when the school was built. It was our job that year to decide what would go into a time capsule that we would place back. The original time capsule contained drawings from the children, letters about their lives, newspapers, toys, and other bits of daily student life. We added our own letters and drawings along with books, a VHS tape of student interviews, and current copies of the town’s small newspaper. I would love to be there when they open that!

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If I were making my own time capsule now, I would definitely want to add a letter and photographs or some kind of video interview. Taking it high-tech, I would like to include a storage drive full of current history and technology. It could cover so much more of what is currently happening in our world. Knowing how our history has been rewritten over time… so much coming to light these days… it would be great to have a resource like that of what was happening at the moment to compare with how the history is being taught. I would also like to give a glimpse of everyday life with a list of things like current food prices and popular media. Including things like current money would be fun too.

If it’s a more personal time capsule, I would like to include items that were important to me like family heirlooms, beloved keepsakes, some of my knitting, copies of games I enjoy, and that sort of thing. It would even be fun to toss in some current fashion items. I also think it would be really interesting to include popular psychic predictions and some of my own guesses at what the future holds. I would, of course, include a letter to my descendants.

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