You recently got a chance to meet our new friends Lyric and Loki. They will be the stars of our new Sim Stories series.

Lyric is not finding life living off the land to be as easy as she expected. She had hoped to gain most of her income fishing, but it turns out she just doesn’t have a knack for fishing. It was several days before she caught anything… and then it was a dog toy! (I guess that was a lucky catch for Loki, though.) Collecting items she has dug up and mining rocks have been a lot of work with little payout.


It appears her real talents lie in breeding frogs and growing plants. Lyric was able to locate two rare frogs almost immediately and breeding them together produced another rare frog. She breeds as often as she can and gets at least 100 Simoleons for each frog! The plants took a bit more time to become profitable, but as her gardening skills grow so does her income. She even managed to catch a Cow Plant while fishing… but still no fish. 😛


The pursuit of a profitable garden has not been easy. Lyric spent a lot of time sleeping on park benches and using the public restroom at the park across the street. Poor Loki was a bit neglected too. He seemed to constantly be hungry and needing a bath. But, over time, they started to obtain some of the essentials and eventually built a small shelter.


The next part of our story is coming soon. I had an hour of gameplay under my belt when my game decided to crash. I had gotten a bit too comfortable with the fact the game had never crashed on my new laptop. 🙁 Lesson learned. Stay tuned for more and catch up on our other Sim Stories!

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