Company Bio: Buying gifts for dad can be hard. Rather than take the easy route and getting your father a “World’s Best Dad” mug he won’t use or another tie he won’t wear, why not try something special for the Old Man? From the dapper dad to the outdoorsman, aims to find products that show how much you care. Whether you’re looking for something to make his traveling a little easier, his office more sophisticated, or his mixology more fine-tuned, Dadgifts has you covered.

Product Details: This Grenache Wine Tool Set pours sophistication as well as it pours wine. The seven-piece set includes a wine thermometer, a drip ring, a foil cutter, a bottle stopper, a bottle stopper that doubles as a pourer, and a waiter-style corkscrew. Each tool features elegant rosewood handles on durable stainless steel, and are housed in the refined black leatherette case with white accent stitching. This is the perfect addition to a home bar or burgeoning wine cellar, is also compact enough to take along to picnics or social gatherings, and makes a thoughtful gift for your favorite wine-lover.

MSRP: $35.95

Personal Experience: When contacted me to do a review, I was intrigued by the idea of an easier way to shop for the dads in my life. Between my husband, father-in-law, and a few other hard to buy for males in my life, I was more than willing to explore any option! I chose to review the Grenache Wine Tool Set.

I was a bit less-than-impressed with how the package arrived. For a company with gifting in mind, it would be ideal if the items arrived in giftable shape. The packaging was damaged a bit in transit. They tried to protect it with some bubble wrap, but it still suffered some ripping and denting. Not entirely DadGifts’ fault… you all know I have horrible shipping issues here… but easily avoided by packaging within a shipping box instead of a mailer. At least the storage box inside was also protected and it suffered no damage.


The actual kit is packaged nicely inside a lined storage case with a cool locking mechanism. All of the essential pieces… and a few nifty extras… are there for a great wine experience. The pieces all seem sturdy enough to last through several years of wine tasting. It adds a touch of class to your wine serving and is very useful. It has the potential to be a well-loved set for the wine aficionado.


The corkscrew was my favorite of the included tools and probably the one most likely to become your go-to piece. It unfurls in Swiss Army style with a variety of tools to make sure you can open any bottle. It was the sturdiest of the tools, as well… as it should be with all the work it will be up against!


Overall, the kit was of a quality you’d expect for a kit priced around $25 to $30. It might have been a bit more deserving of its price point if there wasn’t such glaring issues as the clearly mismatched wood of the bottle stopper that doubles as a pourer. The bright red wood of the stopper is so dramatically different from the other pieces that it has the effect of cheapening the look of the whole set. An unfortunate oversight. The shipping issue didn’t help either.

Pros: Unique gifts for your dad, husband, uncle, or any other hard to shop for male. Large selection for just about every male type on your gift list. Lots of items with affordable prices and a few splurges for an extra-special gift.

Cons: One of the wood accent pieces was a noticeably different shade of red. Expected something slightly better quality for the price.

Overall Rating



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