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lunabarsEarlier this month, I told you about the fun we had exploring Walmart’s gluten-free options. As a family considering gluten-free, it has been exciting to see there is so much available to make the transition easier… both for menu-planning and for our budget. I’m really amazed by the selection of products now being offered!

If you’ve been around awhile, you know that all three of us in this family have a killer set of sweet teeth. I’m always looking for imaginative ways to satisfy that sweet craving without completely undoing our various diets. With me watching my weight, my son watching the gluten, and my husband being particular about his desserts, it can be difficult to find something we all like… and even harder to find something that’s quick to make when a craving hits. I’ve learned that often simple is the best way to go.

Remember those Luna Bars I had grabbed when I was at the gluten-free event at my local Walmart? I got a bit inspired by the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Luna Bars that I had the opportunity to indulge in. The bars are soft and chewy and definitely reminded me of a good cookie dough. I thought that they could be used to add a bit of protein power to a simple dessert. Combined with a favorite pudding and some whipped cream, it became a quick and easy recipe. As a bonus, it turns out that the boost of protein in my dessert keeps me from over-indulging.  And, of course, the whole family enjoys it!



  • 1 Four-serving box of a chocolate gluten-free instant pudding (I used Jello, but note that some varieties may contain gluten.)
  • Extra-Creamy Reddi Wip
  • 2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Gluten-Free Luna Protein Bars


glutenfreeprepStep One: Prepare pudding as directed and place in refrigerator to set.

Step Two: While your pudding sets, use a very sharp knife to cut the Luna bars into thin slices and then each slice into four little squares.

Step Three: When pudding is soft set, scoop a layer into the bottom of each of two dishes and level with a spoon.

Step Four: Apply a thin layer of Reddi Wip.

Step Five: Sprinkle a portion of the diced Luna bars over the cream.

Step Six: Continue layering in this manner, ending with the remaining diced Luna bars.

Step Seven: Grab a spoon and a friend to enjoy!


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