Give yourself credit where it’s due. What are three things you’ve done well this week?


It hasn’t been my greatest week, but I have done some things right.

I stopped drinking soda again. The sodas that I did drink were still caffeine-free (root beer), so I have steered clear of caffeine… despite exhaustion having me craving it BIG time.

I got back to a workout routine. I’d gotten off track over the weekend, but I’ve been finding ways to mix it up. I’ve added DDR, stair steps, and other new things. I also downloaded an app called Daily Workouts. It creates a routine for you that changes with each day. I paid for the extra workouts that include stretching, so I’m also doing a much better job of properly stretching after my workouts.

I kept tracking. Even when I wasn’t proud of the things I ate, I still tracked every last bite. I’m learning that even when we have a party, no one will fault me for only providing healthy options. I’ll still allow for a cake splurge, but the leftovers are going home with those who want it!

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