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Resolutions are tricky, many of us set them with the best of intentions, but they have a habit of falling by the wayside come February. The problem is, many people set resolutions that are too hard or are just not realistic. However, these are a few resolutions that anyone can do, and which will massively benefit your life. Aim to achieve these in 2017 for a year of health and happiness.

Live More Healthily

This isn’t a resolution to ‘lose x amount of weight’ ‘look good in a bikini’ or ‘get a six pack.’ While those things are awesome goals, your focus should simply be about living well. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink water, reduce the things you know are bad for you and enjoy them in moderation. Living more healthily means getting enough sleep, and stressing less to take care of your physical and mental health.

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Make Time For Hobbies

Hobbies are good for us on so many levels. Many hobbies, even ones we do at home allow us to connect with others. It could be either in person or online, but it gives us chance to meet and interact with people based on a shared interest. Hobbies are good for our mental health; they allow us to do something fun and productive in our spare time and make us feel good when we do well. They teach us new skills, and overall are one of the best ways you can invest free time. If you don’t currently have any hobbies, make it your new year’s resolution to start one up.

Get Your Finances Under Control

This could mean setting a budget and planning money better to get out of debt. It could be saving towards something exciting or even making a will for the future. Maybe you’ve been considering investing money, in which case you could speak to a company like Carnegie Invest. Whatever issues or plans you have when it comes to money, aim to get everything in motion in 2017. You will thank yourself for it by the time the year comes to a close.

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones

We all lead busy lives, which can often cause us to become isolated. When you spend the majority of your time working or sleeping, a distance can grow between us with friends and family. So when you get the chance, spend quality time together. It could be one Sunday a month that you arrange for all extended family to come around and have dinner. It could be one day a week that you and your children go out and do something together that you all enjoy. It could just be having a family movie night together in the evening, rather than everyone going off and doing their own individual thing. Family and friends are so important, keep in touch and make time for them as often as you can.

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Do you have any resolutions in mind for 2017? How do you usually do with them?

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