Details: Aluminyze offers the most unique, vivid, and durable medium available to display your most meaningful photographs and artwork. The innovative and revolutionary process, in which your image is actually infused into a sheet of aluminum, yields a rich piece of art that can easily be hung or upraised without a frame for a sleek and contemporary look. Whether you’d like to create an epic piece of wall art, a multi-panel display, or a small magnet for your fridge, we offer a wide array of gorgeous options for you to start or add to your Aluminyze collection.

MSRP: The 11×17 in this review retails for $64.95.

aluminyzeshapesPersonal Experience: When Aluminyze contacted me with the opportunity to review their product, I was intrigued. I had heard a few other bloggers talking about the product, but I hadn’t really explored it much beyond that. The idea of printing on aluminum sounded pretty cool, but it did have me thinking of game rooms and kids’ spaces.

Exploring the site corrected my perception. I was pretty amazed with the variety of designs and products available for printing your design. The product examples showed everything from adorable baby photos to amazing panoramas. And, yes, they even had game room and kid-appropriate ideas. Even before I ordered my sample piece, I was plotting out what pictures I would use to spell out names with the letter-shaped products. 😉

I went into ordering not quite sure which photo I wanted to print. I played around with a few possibilities. When I saw the option to have the white in the photo not printed… and therefor showing the raw metal underneath… the decision was made. I chose that gorgeous shot my husband took of Mendenhall Glacier on the day he proposed to me. I thought of how the glacier had a silvery look and I thought allowing the metal to shine through would bring that look back home from Alaska.


I was not disappointed! The moment I took my print from the packaging, I knew I had made the right decision. I have tried a hundred different angles and lighting situations trying to capture this for you on camera. I just can’t. My pictures do not do this justice. You walk by and the silver of the metal glints much like the glacier did under the sun. I almost changed my mind about hanging this in our bedroom (a room we are designing around those glacial colors), because I didn’t want visitors to miss a glimpse of this print. It turned out beautifully!


When I looked at the hanging contraption… what they call a float… I was concerned that it would be difficult to hang. In reality, it was very simple and required just two nails placed a distance apart. The most difficult part was getting them level. I like the float, because it adds a little drama by lifting the print away from the wall a bit.

Windex-and-ButterflyI asked a representative about cleaning the print, because I know dust happens. She told me a soft cloth (wet or dry) is recommended. Windex or other glass cleaners also work great. Sounds so simple! In fact, the picture she sent my way gave me a great gift idea… they need to start working on serving and breakfast trays as a possible addition to their line-up. 😉

Pros: Amazing photo prints on a unique aluminum surface. Numerous design options from print shape to unique finishes. Washable. Multiple display options that are easy to implement.

Cons: The service does come at a premium that may be a bit too high for a family on a budget, but the results are worth what you pay.

Overall Rating


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