This is a really great silicone mat! I have used many, but this one has a great heavyweight feel to it. It arrived flat. They are typically rolled up when I buy them and it can take several uses for them to stay flat when baking. I think the heavy weight of the sheet helps to keep it in place too.


All of the measurements along the sides have been very helpful. I also love the heart-shaped placement spots. It adds a bit of whimsy to cooking tasks. It also works well with a wide variety of foods from sweet to savory. Even when I heated lasagna on it, it didn’t stick or stain… the easiest lasagna clean-up I’ve had in a long time!

My only issue is one I frequently have with these. At 11 5/8″ x 15 3/4″, they don’t quite fit a standard baking sheet. They are sized more for professional half sheet, so I have a bit of overlap. Someday I’ll get some “real” baking sheets for home, but the bit of overlap is not affecting the way it cooks.


So far I have not had an issue with odors clinging to the silicone. I have also not seen the discoloration after multiple uses that I’ve experienced with other mats. It wipes clean very easily and it’s making cleanup of my baking dishes easier. It seems they were honest about finding the best mat from the best manufacturer. 

Right now (at least when I wrote this), the price was just $7.95! If you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free. It’s such a bargain that it would be great to pick some up as gifts!

Pros: Non-stick. Easy clean up. Rulers and spacing guides. Great price!

Cons: A little over-sized for standard cookie sheets.

Overall Rating


The holidays are coming. Get your mats in time for the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas baking season. Save yourself tons of time, that you could spend with family (or not), with the easy to clean baking mat. They have tested several mats from various manufacturers through hundreds of uses and this mat held up the best. Compared to the price of a single roll of parchment paper you can have this reusable mat that has 3000+ uses. Saves the environment and your money. Lifetime guarantee. ($27.95; Buy on Amazon for $7.95)

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