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The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct FlowersDetails:The team behind The Bouqs Company are quite blunt when they state, “In short, prior to us, buying flowers online SUCKED. No more! We don’t believe it’s necessary to build tricks or half-truths into a customer experience to get someone to buy a product. Maybe that used to be the case, but with us it will never be. We believe we can be straightforward and honest and still build a really great business. Being good to the customer is not antithetical to financial success. The two are, actually, best friends.”

As if that kind of mentality didn’t already sell you on them, they wrap it up with this gem, “By the way, our goal isn’t to deliver good flowers. How about amazing flowers? Fresher flowers. Brighter. Affordable. Easy to order. Longer-lasting. Flowers from farms that treat the environment and their workers with care and respect? Yep, sounds good to us too.”

Personal Experience: That sounded good to me, too… so I reached out to The Bouqs Company to explore a partnership. They gave me the opportunity to experience the ordering, delivery, and flowers firsthand. I really love when a company gives me an opportunity to not only review their products but also the process that customers will go through when they order.

It’s clear from the get-go that The Bouqs Company really is all about the customer experience… right down to the opportunity to choose your own theme for the shop. There’s no excess clutter or ads pushing you to buy the most expensive bouquet on the site. They even have a concierge service that allows you to schedule flower deliveries and save 25% on your orders when you do so!

You can choose from two different flower collections, but the prices are very simplified. In the Volcano Collection, all of the bouquets sell for $40 for the original size, $50 for deluxe, and $60 for grand. In the California collection, all of the bouquets sell for $50 for the original size and $60 for deluxe. Shipping is free for most order dates, but you may have to pay if you need the flowers more quickly. Compared to what I usually spend on flower delivery, even the Grand bouquets are a steal!

Alright, so great prices are all well and good but the real test is in the flowers themselves. If they look awful, then what’s the point in saving a few bucks, right? I chose the original Rise n’ Shine bouquet. I love lilies of all kinds and the bright combination of orange and yellow drew my eye.  The ordering process went very smoothly. Simply place item in cart, add info, add a personal message, and you’re on your way.

Well, from a shipping perspective things don’t go very smoothly. This isn’t exactly an issue on The Bouqs Company end… FedEx delivery in my area is pathetically bad. I was hanging around home and anxious to see my bouquet, so I was watching the tracking info. In mid-afternoon I discovered that they had attempted to deliver but I wasn’t available. Wait… what? I never left home! I call up to discover that there was a note on my shipment saying that my address didn’t exist. They had me verify my address, which was correct and does in fact exist. They promised it would still be delivered yet that day.

An hour later I received a call from my local delivery office. The supervisor was explaining to me that my street is very confusing and the driver got lost. He completely understood, because he’s delivered here too and the numbers are different on each side of the street. Umm… what? It’s pretty much a circle. If you miss the house on the first round, it’ll be there the second time. Oh, and the numbers go in order. *sigh*

Alright, so ultimately that last bit was a rant about FedEx and a small example of why I wish that companies would stop using FedEx to deliver… but it really is not the fault of The Bouqs Company other than one of the small complications that can arrive. They recommend getting your package signed for, and I back up that recommendation because of instances like this.

So, all of that said, I think it may explain the condition of my package when it arrived…


I carefully opened the packaging. Inside, the flowers were wrapped within corrugated paper, flat brown paper, and plastic. It was all held together with a few rubber bands. The general package design and the layers of wrapping helped protect the flowers from the abuse the packaging suffered.


After all that, we did have one lily casualty. One of them had a broken stem. It’s hard to tell if this would have happened under normal package handling.

The rest of the flowers were beautiful! The colors of the orange lilies and the yellow roses were vibrant and reminiscent of the sun. Just the thing I needed to brighten up our home on yet another dreary, rainy day! It’s amazing how some fragrant, bright flowers can boost your mood. :D


For some people, the need to provide your own vase and arrange the flowers could be seen as a negative. Personally, this was one of my favorite parts. It allowed me to truly make it my own. They give you clear directions on how to trim and care for the flowers, so it was all very simple.

A week later, they were still going strong (photo below). I only needed to add water through the week to keep the flowers hydrated. I changed the water completely after one week. I had to remove a few of the lilies at the one week mark because they had wilted, but most of the roses are still going strong as we near the two week mark. Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and “shelf-life” of the flowers.


Shipping issues aside, my experience with The Bouqs Company was a positive one. I like the standardized pricing… there are no surprises at checkout. When compared to other flower delivery services, the prices are very reasonable. The company itself has a great mentality and it makes me want to support them… and it really helps that they have the product to back it up. The flowers were packaged well for shipping and lasted an impressive length of time. I would recommend The Bouqs Company for your flower needs. (Yep, they even do weddings!)

Pros: Beautiful bouquets set at standardized pricing. Free shipping in most cases. Flowers last a long time. Shopping experience is pleasant and easy. Flowers are packaged well to counteract shipping abuse.

Cons: Shipped by FedEx and not a local florist… if you have issues with them in your area, I recommend checking the option to sign for your package.

Overall Rating


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  1. The flowers look beautiful. I love the arrangement. I’ve has some bad experiences with ordering flowers online so glad to hear the company is good to work with.


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