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As the cold air is blowing in and the holidays are on their way, it has me in the mood to decorate my home. First impressions are where we start… with a beautiful wreath on the door. Christmas Forest gave me a chance to review one of their handcrafted wreaths straight from the Cascades.

I received a 20″ Jazz-a-Tazz Christmas Wreath. It arrived in a large box. The wreath and the bow were individually wrapped in plastic bags.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

The quality was obvious before I even had the wreath fully out of the package. The needles were so perfect that I had to check twice before I believed it was real! Even my husband did a double-take and then had to touch it.

It’s actually really funny that I had to keep checking to make sure the wreath is real because the amazing pine scent was so obvious. I have the wreath hanging on my front door and I can smell that pine from inside the house in our foyer. You’ll definitely get the Christmas holiday spirit walking in our front door!

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

The decorations are of good quality as well. They are sized just right and attached securely to the wreath. It will hold up to some wind and door opening, but I always recommend keeping any wreaths in a protected area to protect them. The bow is a nice generous size too. It is wired along the edges, so you can adjust it to your liking. I really love the pinecones too. They’re so perfect!

Christmas Forest wreaths vary in cost from $42 to $56. The cost for the Jazz-a-Tazz Christmas Wreath is $49. I have seen much poorer quality wreaths with only a single, sad bow sell for this much locally, so I think the price is excellent for a fresh wreath.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

My husband pointed out one thing that I didn’t consider. He would have been bothered by the bow not coming already attached because he feels he lacks the skill to place it. I saw this as an advantage because I could place the bow where I liked and floof it to my liking. In my opinion, I think he… and others… would have found the bow pretty foolproof. 😉 It has a nice long wire to attach to the wreath and it needed very little fixing to look full and pretty.

Overall, I definitely recommend Christmas Forest for your wreath needs. You won’t be disappointed! They also sell garlands, centerpieces, ornaments, and wreath hangers.

Update – One Month Later

A quick follow-up to show you where we are. It has been just shy of a month since we received delivery. We have lost only one solitary needle… and I suspect that was from a visitor brushing against it. It looks just as lovely as the day it arrived. The scent is not quite so strong, but you still get a good pine scent.

Pros: Real, fresh evergreen. Beautifully handcrafted in America. Carefully shipped.

Cons: Some assembly required.

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