I grew up with parents that loved to cook and my parents passed that on to me. I think even they would agree that even the best cook likes to discover tools to make those tedious tasks like slicing and dicing a little bit easier. I can never quite get the slices even and my patience wears out on julienne slicing, so I was looking for a tool to help me keep my patience… and my fingers! 


The Deluxe Cook V-Blade Professional Mandoline Slicer is just what I was looking for! It comes with four guides to make two thicknesses of slices and two thicknesses of julienne cuts. It’s enough to cover a huge portion of my slicing needs. It doesn’t dice, but I was able to julienne first and then use a knife to cut the other direction to get nice clean diced pieces.

The blade is super-sharp. It quickly sliced through crispy potatoes, fresh apples, and over-ripe tomatoes. The thinner julienne cut did take a bit more effort than the other cut options, but I was still able to get into a steady back and forth motion to quickly cut through the vegetables. It is also very simple to change the blades. They pop out and pop in easily. I was able to go between slice types in seconds.

The safety guide worked wonderfully. I have used mandolin slicers before where this safety handle didn’t hold well to the fruit or vegetable. This guide has nice sharp metal spikes that were spaced closely enough together to hold even smaller pieces. It also left very little wasted food.


The main unit has sort of a hooked end along with rubber grips. You can easily slice directly onto a cutting board or plate, but it also allows you to lay the mandolin over a dish and slice that way as well. Great for salads!

I’m a little hesitant in its sturdiness because of the plastic. It seems pretty solid, but my overall experience with plastic products is that they don’t last as long as you’d like.

I love how compactly this can be stored. The main unit is small enough to fit in a drawer. They include a sturdy little box for holding the additional blades, which would also fit in a drawer. It’s also dishwasher safe… and small enough to actually fit in the dishwasher without playing Tetris. 

Overall, a good example of a mandolin slicer! I do still think it’s priced a bit high, though.

Pros: Sharp blade. Compact. Easy to clean.

Cons: Priced on the high end.

Overall Rating


Wouldn’t you just love to have a safe, sturdy and yet lightweight hand held mandoline slicer that cuts through veggies like a hot knife through butter? Would you like to save time and money by avoiding big expensive slicers that are cumbersome and hard to clean? Deluxe Cook V-Blade Professional Vegetable Slicers are the quality kitchen tools that are a joy to use and a breeze to clean. Two sizes of julienne and two sizes of slice that are perfect every time without the need for fiddly knobs or settings. Light enough to hang from the handle or compact enough to store away with a neat little box for the small amount of accessories. Even if you’ve owned mandoline slicers before, you’ll love how quick and convenient this compact little super-sharp vegetable cutter is. ($59.99; Buy on Amazon for $39.99)

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