I received the following free or discounted in the hopes that I would share my honest opinion.

I received the Cube It cutter for the purpose of this review. With a two-year-old exploring more and more foods, I knew what the creators of FunBites were going through. Cutting all that food into safe (and fun) little pieces could be time-consuming and a bit risky for the fingers when Mommy is tired!


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The Cube It cutter is very sturdy. I was able to apply pressure to make the cuts and the cutter showed no signs of strain. The cutting blades are strong. They easily cut several sandwiches, fruits, and even pizza into fun bite-size pieces. The popper top pushes the cut food back out so your hands stay clean. It even handled gooey melted cheese in a grilled sandwich without so much as sticking… though, as you may see in the pictures above, the cheese found another means of escape in one piece. 🙂

The kids will definitely want to get involved with the fun of cutting foods and you needn’t worry about them helping out. The cutting part of the FunBites cutter is actually not sharp like a knife. The “blades” are made of the same BPA-free material as the rest of the cutter. It would take significant pressure to even break skin, yet it cubes food with ease.

I do wish it was just a bit larger. It’s not quite the size of a typical slice of bread, so I had to line it up twice to cut a full-size sandwich.


We had a lot of fun seeing what we all could cut with it. It has improved Xander’s eating, because the food is presented to him in handy toddler-size pieces. I’m also looking forward to exploring the possibilities with upcoming parties… creating bite-size treats for my guests. (Their Facebook page has tons of cute and clever ideas.)

The cutter was a little bit of a pain to clean by hand because of all the nooks and crannies that make up the cutting surface. Food comes off the surface very easily, though. FunBites recommends cleaning by hand, but it can also be placed on the top shelf of your dishwasher.


Image from FunBites

Funbites are available in two styles. The Cube It featured above and the Luv It which forms a heart-shaped series of cuts. They retail for $12.99 each. You can also purchase both in a combo pack for $22.00. I found this a bit pricey and I personally would not have paid that much had I not seen them in person first. The quality of the FunBites cutter surprised me and I actually plan to complete my collection with a Luv It cutter.

Pros: Fun. Sturdy. Surprisingly versatile. Great for creating fun lunches and cute party treats. Can help improve kids’ eating habits. Safe for kids to use… with supervision, of course!

Cons: The cost is a bit high. Hand-washing is no fun.

Overall Rating


funbites-logoCreated to make mealtimes easier with a picky eater, FunBites is a simple kitchen tool for cutting food into bite-size pieces. Not just for sandwiches… it can also be used on fruit, pancakes, cheese, and more! FunBites cutters are 100% made in the USA, BPA free, Mom invented, and hand wash or dishwasher safe.

Just a heads up: if you’re interested in purchasing, FunBites occasionally has fan-only coupon codes available on their Facebook page. 

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