In a time when everything is going digital, I still find the need to write things down. I like to make my grocery lists on paper and my thoughts often flow more easily with pen than keyboard. This extends into my diet and health life too. I have and use a diet tracking app every day, but I still like to write out my menus by hand for several days in advance. I like having the option to erase and rearrange and look at everything all laid out my way. With this is mind, I went online seeking a fitness notebook. I found it in a site geared mainly toward children, but stocked full of something for all ages and their many needs. Gotcha Covered Notebooks really does gotcha covered!


Gotcha Covered Notebooks come in a generous variety of regular and reusable styles covering everything from toddler education on up to family grocery lists. They come in square, heart, shark bite, small, and big. I found them because of their reusable fitness tracker notebooks. (The reusable notebooks have laminated pages.) This was the perfect solution for me. It has 24 days (12 sheets) worth of pages, so I can plan several weeks’ worth of meals ahead of time. I can make quick adjustments by erasing and adding the new info. It also has spots for writing in daily motivation, fitness goals, activity, and water tracking. When I have the time, I transfer the relevant information to my fitness app and then erase the days in the notebook to start planning again. If you would like to go a more traditional route, you can also get this exact same style as a regular notebook (small, large, or square styles) with 120 days worth of pages. They also have wide-rule, college rule, graph, checklist, password manager, recipe, practice, and practice/sketch style paper available in all of these notebooks…. traditional and reusable.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg! I haven’t even mentioned all the customizing you can do. They have a ton of fun designs to choose from. They also have more elegant styles for us adults plus solid colors. I really liked the simple school subjects designs… Math, Social Studies, etc. Imagine how easy that would make it to find the right notebook in your book bag. You can edit these designs with words and designs with multiple colors and fonts to choose from. They do printing on the back cover of the notebooks, also. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can create your own design from scratch. You even get to finish off each notebook with your choice of spiral cover! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get your order just right. I kind of got lost in the design process for a few hours. My only complaint here was that the editor did not work in Chrome. It worked fine in Firefox, though.


There was a little bit of a hiccup with one of the items I ordered. The reusable paper is a new offering and production made a regular notebook instead of the reusable version. Their policy is to always make it right with customers, and they had a corrected version on it’s way to me right away. I literally received the corrected notebook in under two days. This actually turned out to be a good thing, because I now have the perfect opportunity to show you the similarities and differences.  The design is the same in every way except that the paper inside is laminated. You get 60 pages with regular paper and 24 page with laminated paper. We’ve found that a china marker (grease pencil) or darker dry erase markers work best with the laminated sheets. The lighter dry erase colors are harder to remove. Pen, pencil, and crayon all marked clearly and easily on the regular paper.

With all the customization available, I was really impressed with the cost. I’ve come across companies that charge twice as much or charge extra for the types of customizing included with Gotcha Covered Notebooks. They also frequently offer deals to make it an even better deal. I’m already working on my next order…

Pros: Great designs with lots of customizing. Reusable options. Big variety of paper styles. Super customer service!

Cons: Customizing program didn’t work on Chrome.

I received this at a discount in exchange for my opinion. As someone who relies on honest reviews to make purchases, I work hard to provide other consumers with a thorough, truthful, and unbiased opinion of my personal experiences.

Overall Rating


gotcha-covered-logoGotcha Covered Notebooks believes that the celebration of family, friends, and children is of utmost importance. Though they specialize in notebooks, children are their real passion! They want every child to feel special, and what better way to do that than by giving them a gift created especially for them! Their goal is to give you more choices than the competitors to provide a perfect, affordable gift for the person receiving it. Customize your notebooks the way you want! ($12.99 to $16.99 each)

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