This selfie stick is hands-down the most stylish and sturdy I have encountered. I have finally found one that I would trust to hold my expensive devices. This is one very well-constructed and well-designed selfie stick! It gets bonus points for being the first wireless/ Bluetooth selfie stick that actually worked with my phone.


I like that the clamp is so strong. I can trust that my phone is being held firmly in place. The telescoping arm can be adjusted to different lengths and locks into place with a twist. The button is comfortably placed and large enough to find by touch, so you’re sure you are getting the shot you want. I like that there is an on/off button to conserve power, plus it can be easily recharged with the included mini-USB cord. The button even changes to red while it’s charging. The whole thing collapses down to about the size of a small umbrella. It’s a bit on the large side for portability, but a decent trade-off for the other features.

Pros: Strong. Wireless. Stylish. Works with my HTC!

Cons: A little bulky.

Overall Rating


iottielogoFounded in 2010 iOttie has since become a leader in the car accessories industry. They have been utilizing their industry expertise and challenging themselves to create functional and up to date accessories to aid your everyday mounting needs. As trend seekers and innovators, they are continuously brainstorming new gadgets to hold your device in place while you safely drive. iOttie is determined to give all of their customers the best customer service possible. They’re a company you can trust. Let them worry about your gadgets, and you take care of the fun!

The iOttie MiGo Selfie Stick will redefine your expectations of a selfie stick. Consistent with your expectations of iOttie quality, this selfie stick is made with the highest grade aluminum tubing with an ergonomic and collapsible grip. Its sleek and stylish design maximizes the unit’s portability, and will redefine the future of auto photography. This is an accessory that you won’t want to leave home without. Simply twist, pull & lock and you’ll be taking selfies within moments! ($39.99; Buy on Amazon for $29.99)

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