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Details: The Kidknows thermometer is a simple ten inch tall thermometer that attaches with sturdy suction cups to the outside of your child’s window. It a mercury-free glass thermometer. A simple glance shows them the current temperature and a selection of clothing appropriate for that weather… empowering kids while teaching them about numbers and weather…. and easing the frustration of parents everywhere!


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Personal Experience: Kidknows sent me one of their thermometers to try and then share my experience with you all. It took me just seconds to attach it to the exterior of our patio door window. The installation recommendations suggest placing out of direct sunlight and the patio door is one of the best places for this. It allows us all to quickly see the current temperature.

The thermometer itself appears to be sturdily constructed. I like that it is mercury-free. The suction cups held on tight even during a very windy thunderstorm. I didn’t even notice any chips when it got hit by a piece of hail. Normally, I would have taken something like this inside when a storm is coming, but I wasn’t expecting it! One minute I glance outside at blue sky and sun… the next glance and our trees are bending over and hail is pelting down. I’m actually glad it jumped up on us, because it gave me a chance to see just how sturdy the device is.

The accuracy of the thermometer appears to be spot-on. Our house is generally kept at 72°F in the summer. Prior to me installing the Kidknows thermometer outdoors, it was accurately displaying the indoor temp. When placed outdoors, the indicator quickly shot up to meet the outdoor temperature. It was at the same temp that Weather.com was displaying as our local temperature and stayed within a degree throughout the day.

The feature of the Kidknows thermometer that makes it unique are the clothing graphics. The graphics are aligned with the temperatures, allowing children to quickly see which type of clothing is ideal for them to wear that day. This is a great tool for helping kids take control of dressing themselves. I do wish the graphics were a bit more fun… something more cartoon-like with more color. I think that would be more appealing to kids. I understand, though, that going overboard with the designs could have meant compromising the size of the device.

Pros: Accurate and sturdy. Empowers kids to make their own clothing decisions. Very reasonably priced at $8.99. Won the Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year award in 2010.

Cons: Graphics could use some tweaking to be more kid-friendly.

Five Kidknows thermometers will be part of my Kids R Kool giveaway event coming on July 15th!

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  1. Hi, I am the inventor, designer and distributor of this thermometer. I have to respond to why there is no colorful, patterned clothes on the thermometer. I think that is is really funny.
    When my son was 3, he was very specific about what to wear and would always argue with me what is appropriate for the current weather. That is why I got the idea of this thermometer.
    My first draft of graphics for this thermometer was with colorful clothing with some stripes and patterns. His first reaction to my draft was:”I can’t go outside, I don’t have striped jacket”. I tried to explain, that the color and pattern didn’t matter, but he insisted, that that’s what the thermometer said. He has to have a striped jacket and a red hat as shown on the thermometer.
    You have to pick your battles. I tried to solve one with developing the thermometer but there was looming another one about the specifics on the graphics. That is when I removed all stripes and patterns and colors! And the battle was prevented!
    Also, if you notice, there is a little house on the thermometer graphics, in the freezing temperatures on the bottom. At first, I had words”Stay home” coming out of chimney” of this house. I had to change that to “Stay indoors”, because my son would refuse to go to school!

    • I love it, @daniela stark! Thank you for explaining the reasons and it makes complete sense. At just shy of three, my son will get particular in that way too. It’s maddening!

      Thank you for the additional background info on how you designed the product. It’s always fun to learn what inspired inventions.


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