lilgadgetslogoDetails: Products for children shouldn’t mean lesser quality or embellished with cartoonishness. At least that’s what The creators of LilGadgets believe. When they couldn’t find products that met their standards for their children, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

LilGadgets are built to be attractive enough for adults yet are durable and fitted for children. These are products that will make your inner child envious.

LilGadgets’ flagship product is the Untangled Pro series. The Untangled Pro is a Bluetooth wireless headphone offered in an attractive array of colors that will appeal to both you and your children. These wireless headphones have been designed to make your life as a parent just a little bit simpler.

MSRP: $94.95 (At the time of writing this, they are on sale at Amazon for $49.95.)

Personal Experience: LilGadgets contacted me with a desire to get the word out about a great new product designed for kids. As they alluded to, there are other headphones on the market for kids but they’re all designed in a way that is very cartoon-y and disposable. Unlike those products, LilGadgets is designed to be adult quality in a smaller package. So, did they achieve that? Let’s explore…

I’ll say right up front… LilGadgets has a wonderful product and I am excited to promote this. The quality is just amazing! Other than the smaller scale, these are indistinguishable from quality adult headphones. I’m completely impressed and so are the people I have shown our sample pair to.

I knew I was opening something special when I saw the care taken in packaging their product.


The sound quality is better than a comparable adult headphone set that I reviewed last year. Spoken words are clear and there’s no static when you crank the music up. I’m happy that LilGadgets didn’t damper the sound levels within the headset itself, but allow parents to make those changes within the devices. My son has some devices that have a set volume limit and they become almost inaudible with those sound-controlled headsets.

The Bluetooth range is impressive. I can leave my phone plugged in at my bedside and take the headset to another floor and still get crystal-clear sound. There will occasionally be a break in the sound when I push the range to its limits, but it picks right back up. Going wireless is a great! You gain the peace of mind from no cords to strangle or trip over… and your child gets the incredible range of motion from no cords in a headset that will grow with them. The headphones can easily be recharged by plugging it into your computer or adapter with the included cord. If you want to use a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, you’re still good to go. They’ve included a cord that turns the LilGadgets Untangled Bluetooth Headphones into a corded pair that will work with any standard headset jack.


They are slightly oversize on my son, but he is only 3 and he will grow into them. Frankly, I also found these more comfortable on my own head than the current large headphone trend. I liked the smaller scale of these as an adult. They may have a market here for adults, too! Have I effectively stolen these from my son? I plead the fifth. 😉

My only tiny issue is a silly aesthetic wish that the cords for the white headphones also be white. I’ve been told they are already taking my comment into consideration. :)

And now for a moment with the Prince enjoying his headphones…

Pros: Sleek design that will make parents jealous! 😉 Sized just right for children 4 and up… and even adults with smaller heads. Impressive sound. Great battery life. Lots of range on Bluetooth. Available in several stylish colors.

Cons: The price could be a deal-breaker for many families, but they are sized to grow with your child and trust me when I say that you get more than you pay for with these.

Overall Rating


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