What a great hammock! The fabric is strong and stitched well. I love the soothing color combinations. I could not have asked for an easier to hang hammock. We have an arbor area that is so cozy, but I wanted something to make it just right for a relaxing afternoon. This was a great solution.


The straps could be wrapped around the sturdy posts of the arbor. I was able to adjust them to get the hammock at just the right height for safety and comfort. The straps, carabiners, and the hammock itself all hold a a nice large weight. I am overweight and I could comfortably rest on this without straining the supports or fabric. The width of the hammock is very generous. Even with my excess width , there is plenty of room for someone to join me.

I love that the whole hammock can be tucked into the attached pouch. (The straps come with their own pouch.) It rolled up quickly and into a relatively small package. This would be wonderful for taking along on vacations and camping trips. They also have an indoor hanging kit… great for those of us in colder climates that want to enjoy the hammock year round! The pouch was also a great place to tuck a book, bottled water, and other things you may like to keep handy as you lounge.

I have not yet had reason to clean mine, but I have no doubts that it would hold up well to the suggested washing methods. Overall, I am very happy with this.

Pros: Strong yet lightweight. Portable. Easy to hang. Generously sized for two. Great colors.

Cons: You’ll need to have a two trees or posts close enough to each other to use.

Overall Rating


Live Infinitely combined together 3 important factors when designing these hammocks to ensure that the Live Infinitely hammocks are something that you will absolutely love! They started with a time test design, added only top quality materials, and used an industry-leading manufacturer to create your new favorite camping equipment. Made from quick drying, weather & mildew resistant 210T parachute grade nylon. Includes stretch resistant Poly-Filament Webbed tree straps with stainless steel lashing rings. Folds easily into attached gear pouch when not in use. ($69.99; Buy on Amazon for $36.99)

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