I could tell as soon as I touched this in the package that this is one VERY well made exercise ball! I have had several over the years, but not one composed of such strong material. It’s visibly thicker than the average exercise ball. I feel confident it will support my (excess) weight and I don’t feel the need to panic when our cat gets curious about the ball.

They included all the accessories you’d need to get going. I loved how quickly the included pump got the ball to size and the instructions gave great tips on getting the ball correctly filled. They even included an extra plug. I loved the pdf exercise guide that was emailed to me with my purchase! There were a wide variety of exercises to cover head to toe plus yoga stretches. I learned some new moves and I’m already feeling a difference. I think I’ve finally fund the exercise ball that will withstand my active life

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I am going to admit that I was super-skeptical of this towel. Like my husband said, “How are these any different than a wet towel?” I didn’t think it would work, but I thought “Why not just give it a try?” I get very warm very quickly when I work out and it can sometimes keep me from working out at the intensity that i want to, so I was game for anything. Right from the moment I took it from the package, I knew it wasn’t what I had expected. The “towel” is more of a light foam-like material that is very squishy and very absorbent.

It already felt cool right out of the package. After the following the instructions to wet, wring out, and snap the towel was positively chilly. Off to a good start! That chill lasted through an entire workout. My husband was impressed by the results and found it just as effective for mowing the lawn. He even told me he wished it came in black to use discreetly at work where he is in a hot environment all day. We even found an unexpected use for it with our son. He has eczema and ice packs help to chill the itch. We were able to use this towel for a dryer and for longer lasting effect.

I’m so happy that we received this. Consider me converted!

($24.99; Buy on Amazon for $9.99)

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When they started Live Infinitely they had one thing in mind, YOU. Their mission is to produce only the highest quality products and provide the best customer service in the market. They stand behind our products and are here to help you reach your goals!

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