It’s sort of a quest of mine to find the right earbuds. The full-size headphones have their time and place, but sometimes you need something lightweight or easy to transport. I just didn’t want to have to sacrifice great sound. Then along came the Loop6ix Jitterbuds…


They outright say in their description of the product that these won’t “blow your eardrums off,” but they still have the best sound I’ve come across in an earbud… and I have encountered my fair share of earbuds! I was impressed from the moment I pressed play. No, these won’t reach those eardrum-shattering volumes, but they are clear and balanced in sound. For safety reasons, I don’t recommend exploring those higher volumes when outdoors… but when you’re inside and can crank it up, these can still perform admirably.

This is the first pair of Bluetooth earbuds I have reviewed that allowed me to put my phone in my pocket. Every other one would cut out or have a choppy signal if I pocketed the phone. Logistically, this just didn’t work for me. I didn’t want to carry my phone the whole time I was out for a walk! With the Loop6ix Jitterbuds I could go so far as to leave my phone charging in one room while I did my thing on the exercise bike in another room. Very impressed!

There are a few little things that added to the experience too. The Loop6ix Jitterbuds come with six sets (three different sizes) of the earpieces. This allows you to get a good fit for your ear… and spares in your size in case you lose one or they wear out. There are not a bunch of clips or things to adjust for fit… nothing adding extra bulk. The wire itself can be formed and molded around your ear to get the right fit. It took a bit of time to get them fitted just right, but they’ve held the position very well between uses. All the controls are in a relatively tiny control piece located near the ear. (You can see it hiding out by my hairline in the photo below.) They even included a pouch for storage and a miniUSB charging cord to complete the package.


Loop6ix Jitterbuds are the highest-priced earbud set that I’ve used, but it proves that you get what you pay for… paying a bit more truly meant a far superior product.

Pros: Truly great sound. Lightweight and comfortable.

Cons: Price is high for earbuds.

Overall Rating


loop6ixlogoTruly one of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market today. The 4D CrystalSpek CD Quality Sound really lets you hear every nuance in your favorite song. Loop6ix designed Jitterbuds with runners in mind. While the sound is exceptionally clear, it intentionally capped the maximum volume to optimal levels, in order to reduce fatigue and increase listening pleasure. If you’re looking to blow your eardrums off, this isn’t for you. Loop6ix uses only the best quality rubber buds, giving the wearer the sense that the earbuds are not even on his/her head. Weighing only 13 grams, Jitterbuds are one of the lightest wireless earbuds on the market. Eight hour DuraLife Dual Battery Power assures long lasting listening pleasure. In addition, the buds are sweatproof, so you don’t have to worry about working up a sweat while working out. ($149.95; Buy on Amazon for $79.95)

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