blog-logo-maggie-bags.png (972×120)Details: With a mission in mind to find creative new uses for materials originally made for other purposes, Maggie Bags created a line of amazing handbags made using genuine automotive seat belt webbing.  The majority of their handbags are made from webbing rejected by automotive manufacturers. they also use a simple cut-and-sew operation designed to eliminate waste… always trying their best to do their part for the environment.

Maggie Bags consists of a collection of stylish handbags and totes for every occasion… some even guys would enjoy. They also offer wallets, cosmetic bags, and keychains. You can even accessorize your favorite outfit with a seatbelt belt!

MSRP: $85

Personal Experience: If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I have reviewed several bags from the Maggie Bags line. My favorite, hands-down, is still the Campus Tote. They’re wowing me again with even more beautiful colors and their continued commitment to quality. I recently had the chance to review the Campus Tote in the gorgeous Sand Mirrored Combo color. You have to see this bag!


Now, I ordinarily am the type to prefer a solid color when looking for a handbag, but Maggie Bags handles color with such flair that I have found myself branching out. It’s different, but still keeps it neutral. I know there are many of us out there that really don’t buy purses or totes very often. We find one great bag and treasure it. This could easily be that bag… the bag you could use all year and it will hold up to all kinds of abuse.

On top of the great colors are all of the features that I have grown to love about the Campus Tote. It’s generously sized, but not overly large. It has two sturdy shoulder straps that wrap under the bag. Even when fully loaded, the bag carries comfortably. The base has four little metal feet that help to keep it off of surfaces and protect against dirt. And, as with all Maggie Bags, the entire bag is made from strong seatbelt webbing.


The inside is just as great as the outside. It has the signature satiny purple fabric lining the roomy interior. On one side you have a zippered pocket and the other has three slot pockets: one small, one large, and one for pens. I like the flattened base to this bag, as well. I find it much easier to locate items in bags with more structure.


I must add as a general statement: I have not yet washed this particular bag, but my previous Maggie Bags that have needed washing held up very well. It really was as simple as tossing it in the washing machine. The webbing releases dirt quite easily and all my bags look as good as the day they arrived.

Pros: It makes use of recycled seat belts to create a beautiful, stylish, sturdy, and versatile bag. Some of the designs could even be considered unisex. Fantastic construction. Prices are comparable to other bags of this quality. The large and ever-changing variety of colors for every outfit and occasion.

Cons: I still can’t find a fault… I completely love these bags!

Overall Rating


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