Details: Moffett is a cheeky little skunk, guaranteed to steal the hearts of those who get to know him. Moffett isn’t a selfish guy, and he likes to share his magical ability with others as well. That’s where Moffett scented watches come in. If you are looking for a fun and fantastic way to smell like your favorite fruit, Moffett’s mix and match watches let you pick both your scent and your color scheme. These cool watches are perfect for both the young and the young at heart. Watch out, though- Moffett is great at capturing hearts and may just become your new best friend!

MSRP: $24.50 each Starter Kit, $12.50 each Mix & Match Pack

Personal Experience: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was given the opportunity to review Moffett Watches. The idea made me think back to my days as a preteen… the days of gel bracelets, bright neon colors,  and scented everything. To be honest, it was a bit scary because those scented items never really smelled all that great.


When the package arrived and I opened the box, I realized I had nothing to worry about. Even before I had the watches removed from their packaging, my senses were being overtaken with wonderful, fruity scents! Each colored bezel contains a different scent. Each scent is surprisingly true to its origin. My personal favorites were the coconut and black currant.

That cheeky little skunk peeks out from the face of the watch. He’s so adorable! It makes me smile every time I look down to check the time. I also like the simple wire styling of the watch hands.

The watch pieces are made of a strong plastic (or plastic-like) material. It is soft and flexible against the skin, but yet substantial enough to give a look of quality beyond its price. The watch seems geared mostly toward pre-teens and teens, but I found it to be a fun and unique watch of such quality that I had no shame in wearing it myself. I guess I fall in the “young at heart” category! 😉


Beyond the obvious appeal of the scent, the interchangeability is a big part of what makes these fun. It was a little difficult to swap out the watch straps… it took some tugging and considerable pressure to get the pieces apart… but this also meant they held up well to everyday wear. The bezels are very easy to change, however. I found that I most often wore the solid white watch and swapped out the bezels to match my outfit or my preferred scent for the day. It literally took just seconds.


Overall, it’s a fun watch concept that brought back a bit of youth to my wardrobe and pleasant aromas to my day. I have many occasions coming up that call for gifts for young girls, and these watches will be topping the list. I just might have to pick up a few more pieces for myself… they do come in such wardrobe-ready colors and awesome scents!

Pros: Wonderful scents. Adorable skunk logo. Great selection of colors. Interchangeable pieces. Fit will work for pre-teen to adult.

Cons: The kits can add up quickly, but I do think the quality is worth the cost. Changing straps was a bit tedious.

Overall Rating


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