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monkey-balm-fullWhen I was asked to review Sibu products, the representative I spoke with was also curious if I would like to try Monkey Balm too. A quick search for more information and I returned a resounding “yes.” It sounded like just what I was looking for for Xander’s severe eczema.

Xander’s skin gets really bad sometimes. It is most accurate to say he claws at his skin while itching. He has actually left scratches that others may think were from a cat. We’ve tried so many different products that we could open a eczema treatment facility with all the products half-used in our cabinets.

The first thing that I liked about Monkey Balm was the form it is in and the way it applies. The stick format makes it very easy to use with no mess. I could stash it in my bag to take along without worrying about lotions or ointments leaking all over. The rub-on stick is so simple to use that Xander was able to apply it himself. Unlike other products, Monkey Balm was never a struggle to get on his skin.


We got it on the skin, but did it work? Yes! His skin felt softer instantly. With other treatments, it would still feel dry and flaky even right after application. There was visible improvement within a few days. He has had a few flare-ups, but he’s recovering from them much more quickly since we switched to Monkey Balm. It’s wonderful!

I did attempt to take before and after photos. Let’s just say he was much more cooperative in the “before” photo shoot. I think the difference is still very clear and speaks for itself:


Pros: It works! Safe for kids, but works on adults too. Great moisturizing while also healing. So easy to apply, a toddler can do it. Travels well.

Cons: That scent that I wasn’t fond of in Sibu beauty products is also present here. As with Sibu, it’s not enough to discourage me from using it… just a minor annoyance. (Many people love the scent, so it comes down to personal preference. For reference, I happen to detest the smell of vanilla.)

Overall Rating


monkey-balm-logoMeagan, the mother of three boys, was on a quest to give her “Monkeys” relief from the suffering from eczema and extremely dry skin. Her quest led her to Sea Buckthorn Oil. Some experimenting with methods to safely apply the healing properties of sea buckthorn oil to children brought about Monkey Balm! The ingredients in Monkey Balm are 100% natural.  The sea buckthorn oils are 100% CERES certified organic and come from a sustainable, fair-trade source in the Himalayan mountains. Though designed to be safe for kids, it works for adults too!

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