My husband used to work as a landscaper and so he takes great pride in our yard. Both our front and back yards need occasionally watering, but it’s unsightly to keep a full-size hose conveniently in our front yard. The Ohuhu® 75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose was the perfect solution. We were given the opportunity to review one in exchange for our honest and unbiased opinion.


The hose begins at a compact 25 feet. It can be coiled into a relatively small pile that hides easily behind our larger plants. They also have a holder specially designed for the hose if you would like to hang it. It is so lightweight that our five-year-old son could carry it. If you’ve ever wrangled a full-size 75-foot hose, then you will truly appreciate how light this is!

It took just a few moments for the hose to fill and expand to it’s full length. I almost expected it to feel like a fire hose building up pressure and getting out of control, but the build-up of pressure was gentle enough to handle easily. We simply turned off the water source and released any water remaining in the hose to get it to shrink back to its storage size.

The outer green fabric appears to be quite durable. It is strongly woven and expands easily when the hose fills. Even after being dragged across the stones in our landscaping for over a week, we see no damage to the outer fabric. The connections are strong and there was no leaking at the spigot or between the hose and spray nozzle.

The hose is a package deal… you get an 8-in-1 spray nozzle included. Every spray nozzle I have used before was only 4 or 6-in-1, so the extra options for spray pattern were really nice. It allows you to customize the water flow for every project. You could go from a high pressure stream to clean siding to a gentle mist for watering delicate plants. The angled spray patterns were new to me. This was handy for getting water to hard-to-reach plants. As a short person, it was also nice for rinsing the top of our SUV when I washed it. This was a great item all on its own!


Overall, I’m very impressed with this product. It’s a great deal too! When I priced items like this separately it came out to at least $10 more. My husband would like to replace our bulky backyard hose with one of these too.

Pros: Durable. Lightweight. Versatile sprayer. Expands from 25 to 75 feet. Easy to store.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Rating


ohuhulogoOhuhu® Expandable Garden Hose is made of durable double latex, and this material makes the hose expands to 3 times its length with water flow and contracts in a few minutes when water flow off. In addition, this garden hose will never tangle, twist or kink, which is flexible and easy to handle and storage store. In addition, this Ohuhu garden hose comes with a high quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns that includes shower, mist, center, flat, cone, soaker, full and angle. Don’t hesitate! Your garden would definitely love it! ($75.00; Buy on Amazon for $44.99)

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