I have been quite happy with this LED spot light. It was very easy to set up… ready to go right out of the box. They include a stake for use in the ground and mounting screws for attaching to surfaces. Both the light and the solar panel can be rotated up and down. This made it possible to get the correct angle for the spot we wanted to light and we could get the solar panel at just the right spot to catch full sun between the tree limbs. Once you have them placed, they have knobs you can twist to secure them. It took us literally three minutes to get it out of the box and placed.


The LED lights are a nice clear white in tone and very bright. The strip of photos below shows the comparisons of the lighting. The construction is a sturdy plastic material that has so far held up very well to the wild variation in temperatures and heavy rain typical of autumn in our area.


The reason for a lost star in rating is that the light is a little too sensitive. Our LED light is placed over 10 feet from our fire pit. The light will often flicker on and off as the fire brightens and dims. We’ve tried adjusting its placement and rotating the solar panel, but nothing worked. We don’t see this flickering in the light when the fire is out and the yard is otherwise dark.

Overall, a very reasonably-priced Solar LED spot light. It works well, lights brightly, and is easy to set up. Highly recommended.

Pros: Solar powered. Long-lasting charge. Very bright. Easy to adjust.

Cons: Overly sensitive to dim light.

Overall Rating


This OxyLED E03S is the latest (3rd version) solar spot light. Featuring much larger and more powerful solar panel, high output LED and large capacity rechargeable battery, it’s perfect for patios, decks, pathways, stairways, driveways, garden, etc. ($39.99; Buy on Amazon for $19.99)

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