I received the following product(s) free or discounted in the hopes that I would share my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

I was really excited to try out these bags. When I opened my package, I immediately fell in love with the vibrant colors. On closer inspection, I was impressed with the solid construction and quality finishing.

I really put them to the test. I stocked the snack bag with Pringles chips from a freshly-opened canister. In my experience, they’re pretty quick to stale so I knew it would be a tricky test to pass. I was able to fit over three servings of Pringles in the bag… that would translate to well over a serving in typical non-stacking chips. 🙂 I also whipped up a peanut butter sandwich for the sandwich bag. I could have easily fit another sandwich in there.

I opened and tested the food five hours later. I estimated that this would more than cover the typical span of time between packing a lunch in the morning and eating it at lunch time. The chips tasted exactly the same as when they were fresh out of the canister. The sandwich suffered only mildly. The very edges by the crust had hardened almost imperceptibly… had I not been looking for it, I wouldn’t have noticed. I closed the bags back up and checked on them again after four more hours. The chips were only slightly stale tasting and the bread had developed a slight bit more drying out at the edges. My son happily ate the whole sandwich when the experiment was over! They will not replace your zipper-style sealing bags, but I would say that they held up as well as typical fold-over style plastic sandwich bags.

I decided to test their water-resistance. I poured an entire cup of water inside each bag and waited. It took a solid 5 minutes before the first drop was able to sneak through the seam. It did leak immediately around the tag sewn in the side. Now, keep in mind that these bags were not meant to be water-tight or air-tight. I was simply testing the seam quality, and overall I find the seam to be very solid. (The tag area makes up a very small part of the seam.) It explains why the food placed in it was able to remain fresh for so long.

The ReUsies™ came with a card that contained simple instructions and tips to make the most of them. I chose to hand-wash mine because I would like to maintain the vibrant colors. The company said that machine-washing them will cause some fade like you would see in any product made of cotton… like your favorite t-shirt. I just hung them to dry upside-down on our dish rack and they were ready to go the next morning. Easy peasy!


Pros: They keep your food fresh far longer than most would expect of a cloth bag. Reusable. Washable in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Has the potential to save you hundreds in lunch expenses and to reduce tons of waste. Available in a variety of fun and stylish prints. They could work for babies, kids, and adults… school lunches, work lunches, picnics, field trips, and vacations.

Cons: They’re not going to provide as good of a seal as zipper-style bags, so best to avoid very wet foods or things very easily prone to spoiling on air contact. They are more expensive than plastic bags, but the start-up cost will most likely save you lots of money (and waste) later on.

Overall Rating


reusies-logoReUsies™ are washable and reusable sandwich and snack-sized bags made of a 100% cotton and lined in nylon. Each bag comes in a variety of prints and solids that will appeal to all ages. They are BPA and phthalate free and meet all food safety standards. They seal with easy-to-use hook and loop closures. They can be machine washed and dried, washed in the dishwasher, or hand-washed for the longest life. The snack-sized bag is approximately 6” wide by 5” high and costs $7.50. The sandwich-sized bag is about 7.5” wide by 6” high and costs $9.00. You can buy matching sets with one of each size for $16.00 or four-pack sets for $32.00.

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