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005Details: So, what is a SlapKooler™? Whether you call ‘em ‘slap koozies‘, ‘slap wraps’, ‘stubby holders’ or ‘slap coolies’, you are probably referencing the ubiquitous beverage holder. ‘Huggies’ have been referenced ever since 1921 when Dave and his brother Russell Duncan patented the ‘kozy’ for portable gas generators. Then someone realized you could do the same with hot and cold beverages.

Skip forward a few years to about 1980, when some enterprising people decided that American beer should be served cold and protected from heat, and can coolers were invented to satisfy a gap in the lexicon of American pop culture for this particularly useful item. Whether you called them koozies or koozy, or whether you spelled it with a ‘C’, as in Coozie, know that you, were in a fraternity of cold beverage lovers everywhere.

Around the same time in human history, a monumental shift in cultural and political winds brought our society into the period known as ‘The 80’s’. During this period of excess (or was it INXS?), Alf, & knowing what Willis was ‘talkin bout’, a new form of awesome was gifted to the world as the ‘slap bracelet’.

Then one day, the genesis of 80’s pop culture and Depression-era efficiency joined forces to create the SlapKooler™ slap wrap. Fashioned from 4mm neoprene (the same material as a wetsuit), these slap wraps feature parallel metal inserts, that when bent, wrap around your 12, 16 or 22 oz bottle becoming the ultimate icy insulator!

Rubber backing ensures your booze-bandage is maintained at all times.

(Above description is from the company FAQ.)

Personal Experience: I live in Wisconsin. I think a koozy wrapped around a cold beverage is about as common here as the cheese, so I know my koozies! I was happy to take on the challenge and see if GOPromo could really show me something new in a can koozy. They met that challenge with a slap!

It arrived in a flat package. Ummm… cans are cylindrical, guys… what are trying to pull on me? *crack* Ooooh… lookie there! Now that IS pretty cool! Take a look…

Now that is something new… a great hybrid creation between a slap bracelet and a can koozy!

There are so many great things about cooling a can this way. The first is that it’s just fun. I felt like I slipped back to my childhood. Ahh… those were the days! Plus, how many times have you been off to a BBQ or fair where you are drinking canned beer or soda? With a traditional koozy, you would be lugging around a generously sized foam can cooler. Now, you can just slap a Slap Koozie around your wrist like an over-sized cuff bracelet or tuck it flat into your bag or purse. Brilliant! It’s also much easier to get this on the can. With traditional koozies, you’d have to push and pull and wriggle that can into the foam can cooler. The Slap Koozie just molds itself right around several can and bottle sizes thanks to the moldable metal bands inside. I was even able to use on my water bottle.

f925d185b9a3e1b0472e47bad3cde6a83250592bThe idea behind a can koozie is to keep the beverage cold, so I imagine you’d like to know how the Slap Koozie did. I was able to keep beverages as cold as they would be with a traditional koozie. For those inexperienced in koozies, this style of can cooler can extend your cold beverage window by up to three times as long as without a koozie.

The particular Slap Koozies style that I received for this review also had a name tag design. I thought it was pretty nifty that a name could be written on the “tag” which would make it easier for keeping beverages sorted at a party or reunion. It would actually be a very clever party favor that your guests would appreciate long after the party is over. GOPromo even makes personalized wedding favor koozies as well as a large variety of other promotional and personalized items. They have tons of colors to suit every event.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the product. It’s clever, convenient, and fun. It would be great if the nametag could be wipe-off… I couldn’t wipe off even dry-erase marker. If it were, I could see keeping a stash handy for smaller gatherings… sort of the Wisconsin version of wine glass charms. ;)

Pros: Clever. Fun. Convenient. Keeps beverages properly chilled. Lots of design choices.

Cons: I find the price of $3.49 a bit pricey, but the uniqueness makes that cost easier to swallow. I wish the nametag design were wipe-off.

Overall Rating


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