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StickerYouLogoDetails: StickerYou provides the best platform in the world to create custom products that Make you Stick! They are passionate about providing you with the highest quality custom stickers, labels, decals, iron-on labels and temporary tattoos. Their website is built with proprietary die-cutting technology to help you make and order your products exactly as you need them. This means you can order any quantity (as little as one), in any size and shape you need. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – and really hope you love the products you order.

StickerYou was founded in 2008 by Andrew Witkin, who was inspired during a walk on Los Angeles’ Manhattan Beach when he noticed how stickers played a huge role in the local scene and culture but realized how expensive it was for individuals to create awesome die-cut stickers themselves.

Personal Experience: I was on the hunt for a great way to add my website logo to my laptop and I discovered StickerYou offered custom stickers for this purpose… as well as a variety of other great products. I contacted them about doing a review and was offered a chance to choose a couple products from their line. I chose to do the laptop sticker (of course) and a sheet of temporary tattoos. I thought both would be a fun way to get my name out there and encourage questions when I was seen in person.

Creating the stickers was a simple and painless process. They guided you through and even warned when the image was not sized correctly for a quality image. There are plenty of options to choose from for customizing the size and shape of your stickers. I was impressed with how quickly the initial shipment arrived. It was carefully packaged in a mailer reinforced with sturdy cardboard to help reduce bending and folding.

The temporary tattoos were beautifully done. They were crisp, clear prints and held true to the original color of my logo image. It was simple to cut each tattoo out from the sheet. (You can also get stickers pre-cut.) The tattoos apply with the typical water and pressure technique. They looked clear and bright on my skin. Like any temporary tattoo, you do need to be careful to prevent wrinkling when applying and make sure the skin is clean and free of oils/ lotions. I was too eager with my first tattoo application and forgot the rules of no lotion… and it peeled off the next day. My second application went much more smoothly and lasted for several days and through three (careful) showers. ;) As I had hoped, they drew comments and conversation.

stickeryoutatlapcompareI was very disappointed with the laptop sticker. I chose to do the design on a clear backing rather than white. I felt this would give my laptop more of a customized look. The colors were completely wrong! Maybe it wouldn’t have been as noticeable to someone who doesn’t see that logo every day, but it was rather glaring to me. I contacted StickerYou and told them what had happened. They shipped out an adjusted replacement by priority mail.


The second laptop sticker was much improved. It’s still not quite right… the edges and text are faded… but once on my laptop it looked almost true to color. Perhaps if I had a black, white, or other solid-colored laptop it would look better? My laptop has a reflective, textured silver finish. The second sticker was a bit smaller than the original I ordered, but still large enough to do the trick.


The sticker itself is good and strong. It has withstood the day-to-day beating up that my laptop gets. It is staying stuck even on the textured surface… though I learned from the original sticker that I can peel it off without leaving residue. I have even cleaned my laptop with alcohol swabs and didn’t experience any peeling or fading.

I did choke a bit at the cost. I was given a $30 gift card to work with and I ended up needing to add a few dollars of my own to get the two sheets that I wanted. It was $30.98 for the two sheets plus $3.99 for shipping. I know personalizing items can get costly, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be quite so much. For an individual just wanting a single sticker, you may find the price is a bit too steep… but their pricing is great for larger orders. They would be a great resource for a small business looking to create product labels or someone organizing an event (charities, weddings, etc.).

Overall, they are quality stickers. They do aim to fix their mistakes and they ship the replacements at their cost. My initial rating was going to be much lower when I saw that first laptop print, but their willingness to fix their mistake earned a bump up. :)

Pros: Lots of selection to cover a huge variety of sticker needs… from basic stickers to product labeling. You can upload your own image or create one with their design tools. You can print in virtually any size that will fit on a sheet. You’ll get multiple on a sheet with smaller size prints.

Cons: They may not get the colors correct on the first shot, but they do fix their mistakes. The prices may be a bit shocking, but they do go down for larger orders… making them great for businesses and events.

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