Find the Right Yoga & Swim Gear

Are you looking for a great towel for swim and sport? Need something special yet practical for someone special? The Microfiber Swim and Sport Towel is much more than just a towel. You can tell from just a glance that it is beautifully dyed in a soothing swirl of blues...

Take Magnetic Toys for a Spin

It's that time of year again! Do you have a little builder or budding engineer in your life? This is definitely a set of skills I am happy to enhance in our son Xander and toys like Magformers are a great way to do that. The bright colors, easy building, and variety...

Train a Mouse & Master STEM Skills

If you have kids or grandkids in school, you have probably heard the latest buzzword... STEM. It is aimed at educating students in four specific areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in a way that combines them. The goal is to prepare children for a...

Patches Are Back & Now You Can Make Your Own

Our family loves to do fun crafts that work for all ages. The Orb Factory craft kits have proven a great fit for our family over and over again. My son, nieces, mom, and I had a chance to try the new Plushcraft Patch Studio from Orb Factory. The Patch Studio uses the...

It’s a Christmas Sing-A-Long!

I have reviewed several books from I See Me over the years and whether it's for a birthday or the holidays or just because, I have never been disappointed. When they introduced the new Christmas Sing-A-Long book and CD, I couldn't resist the chance to check it out! As...

Take Cross Training to the Wall

As many of you already know, I'm always seeking out new ways to add to my fitness repertoire. I tend to get bored easily and I like things that mix it up and make it fun. The Garage Fit Soft Medicine Ball really brought me back to my days in gym class... it was one of...

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