Step on Out in Stylish & Comfortable Clogs

My Austin Women's Denim Clog Slip Ons arrived in the customary stylish Therafit packaging complete with a tote that’s great for safely stashing your shoes and keeping them from getting funky. 😉 I found the clogs even cuter in person and the color (I chose tan) was...

Pigs & a Moose on the Brynk? It’s Game Night Again!

I have reviewed games from Winning Moves before and was very impressed with their quality and selection. They recently released a large new selection of games for 2016 and we had the opportunity to test a few in our home. In a representation of the variety of ages...

Jump Rope Your Way to Fitness & Health

Finding the right tools to help me get fit has been a major focus this year. One thing I have enjoyed since I was little is jumping rope. I know it is a fun way to get in my cardio and a wonderful way to build endurance. I was quite happy when ZojiFit reached out to...

Diffuse the Benefits of Aromatherapy Into Your Home

As my familiarity with the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils grows, I am exploring more ways to make use of them in our home. Vividay provided me with a free sample of their 300ml Aroma Diffuser and Ultrasonic Humidifier to test in our home. This...

Gotta Bandage? Say It With Sass

Now that I have a child, it's fun for me to have fun to use products available for him. This includes those times he gets some scrapes and cuts. He is a boy, afterall! TXTpressions from Gotta Bandage are definitely kid-friendly bandages with a very modern twist! They...

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