You may have heard of a brand called Piggy Paint. They make a nail polish designed for use by kids. It is a very popular product that I think is wonderful. They recently gave me the opportunity to review their hair care products for kids… Rock the Locks. We were given the So Fresh and So Clean Shampoo + Conditioner, Lock It and Rock It Hairspray, and Not So Knotty Conditioning Detangler. Xander has only very short hair, so he just made use of the Shampoo + Conditioner. I used all three products.


First impressions of the product are strong… and by this, I mean that the scent is overwhelmingly powerful. The products are all infused with essential oils, scented with super fruit extracts, and use no artificial ingredients, but the smell is so intense that it seems very unnatural. I can be a bit sensitive to scents, so I asked others what they thought and got similar reactions. Even Xander didn’t want to use the shampoo much because it “smelled funny.” On the plus side, the scent does mellow out quickly.

The products do work very well. The shampoo made our hair feel clean without feeling stripped. The detangler made the hair smooth and soft without feeling greasy. The hairspray has a very strong hold. It was a bit stiff, but I’m pretty sure my hair would have looked camera ready even through a hurricane! The price of the products is very reasonable and they go a long way.

Overall, if you are not sensitive to strong scents, these are great products. Unfortunately, I actually got sick to my stomach while using them and Xander didn’t like the scent, so they just didn’t work well for our family.

Pros: No artificial ingredients. Infused with essential oils. Works very well.

Cons: Too strongly scented during use.

Overall Rating

The makers of Piggy Paint, a non-toxic, kid-friendly nail polish brand, introduce Rock the Locks. Piggy Paint is a brand that is recognized and trusted by parents to produce safe, quality products. Rock the Locks was founded on these same principles and created by Moms seeking natural hair products that actually work. ($5.99 to $7.99)


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