A Rough Start to the New Year

xandersickThe new year brought along a bit of a rough spell for us. Not only did Lord Tyrneathem have to deal with the kidney stones, but I came down with a really nasty cold. Today is the first I have been out of bed in over four days.

The Prince picked it up too… luckily, it seems to be a milder case. Milder, as in he was only in bed three days. Ugh. I’m sure many of you that deal with eczema know that cold weather makes the condition worse. Couple that with a fever, which also causes him to break out, and you’ve got one itchy, scratchy little kiddo. He feels like sandpaper even after getting coated in Vaseline!

Lord Tyrneathem tried to help as much as possible, but he’s still in quite a bit of pain. Today was the day he had to return to work after a nice extended vacation… on one of the coldest days we’ve had in many years. The heater in the car has been a bit unreliable and was on his list of things to deal with while on vacation until the kidney stones crept up. To make matter worse, his car died as he pulled into work this morning. Fortunately, he made it to work before it quit. The company has hired someone to go around jump-starting cars between shifts, so it seems like it was happening to several people and hopefully he can get home safely. 

I’m just hoping things can settle down and we can get back to something resembling normal very soon.

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