I have reviewed beautiful set of bamboo cutting boards, a digital kitchen scale, and a digital bathroom scale for Surpahs before, so when they reached out to have me try one of their newest items I couldn’t resist. They provided me with the Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack in exchange for my honest opinion.

We mainly use our dishwasher, so it has been impractical for us to keep a bulky dish-drying rack in our house. For those quick drying needs, I typically put down a towel on the cupboard. If you’ve done this yourself, you may be familiar with the foggy glasses and mildewy towel that results. This method just wasn’t working for us. The Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack has given us an answer. The construction is really simple. It’s silicone-coated bars of steel connected on each end with more silicone. All that silicone makes it heat and rust-resistant. The bars are less than an inch apart. It simply rolls out over your sink or cupboard. The whole works rolls up within seconds and can be stashed away in a drawer or cupboard.


I wash dishes in one sink and typically rinse in the other sink. With the rack in place, this technique became a bit awkward. The dishes would get in the way of my faucet and the running water. I just made a small adjustment to start with less wash water and rinse over the wash sink. This rack is really best for small dish loads, so this technique worked well. The dishes dried much faster than they did when I used a towel, so I was also able to speed up the process overall.

My favorite for drying dishes was discovering that I could dry my water bottles more easily. They’re shaped like milk bottles and would tip over really easily when drying. With the rack, I was able to secure them between the bars and they dried in record time. The water even tasted fresher after a proper drying.


I’m finding it useful to hold more than just dishes. I use it for vegetables and other foods after rinsing. They can properly drain over the sink without making a mess on my counter. It also made the task of cleaning the glass votives on our dining room chandelier much easier. They dried faster than ever and without spots that I usually had to wipe off.

The rack is coated with a heat-resistant silicone, which also makes it function as a very large trivet. I have found that this is where it gets the most use in our house. It’s great having this conveniently at hand when I bake or cook foods in large pots and roaster pans. I typically had to dig out a half dozen typically-sized hot pads to protect our surfaces… and they inevitably ended up covered in food and needing washed. With the Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, it’s just roll out and place the pan. If it gets dirty, it just wipes clean. So much more convenient!


I think the Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack is best for those who typically only have a few dishes at a time or are looking for a solution to dry household things more efficiently. It would also be great if you are looking for a very large trivet that doesn’t take much space when stored.

Pros: Space-saving design that fills (at least) two common kitchen needs. Easy to clean and store. Great as a trivet for large pans.

Cons: Wish it came in more color options. Not great for plates and other flat items.

Overall Rating


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Multipurpose space-saving over the sink drying rack that doubles as a heat resistant trivet mat. Constructed from durable, non-slip, silicone-coated steel. Rolls up for easy storage. Heat resistant up to 400°F (204°C) and BPA-free. ($26.99; Buy on Amazon for $19.99)

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