Home security is a topic that is in the mind of every homeowner. If you own a home, you will want to do whatever possible to safeguard your belongings. Home security monitoring from services such as Alarm Relay can be a big help when you are not there to supervise. There are other things that when coupled with a security system, will make your home undesirable to thieves. Here are some of the things you can do each day to help deter thieves from targeting your home.

Leave The Lights On

If you are intending to be away from the home during night-time hours, be sure to leave a few random lights on from within the house. This coupled with an outdoor light or flood light, can divert thieves from coming on your property. Thieves look for homes that are dark so they can enter without the chance of being noticed. The more your home is lit up, the less chance of breaking and entering.

Do Not Tell Everyone

When you decide to take a vacation, your best bet is to keep that information to yourself. Spreading the word that you are going to relaxing in the sun is also spreading the word that you will not be at home. This means prime pickings for money-hungry thieves. Also, do not use the check-in feature on social media sites. If you check-in, you are admitting you are not home!

Wave At Your Home

When you leave for work each day, give your home a friendly wave. Look toward the window and smile when you do it, as well. Sound silly? If you wave, anyone who may be spying from a hidden location will think that someone is still in your home. It may be a little far-fetched, but it doesn’t hurt, and waving at your home is fun anyway!

Hiding Keys

Do not hide keys under a rock or under the welcome mat. These are obvious locations! If you are going to hide a key somewhere on your property in case of emergency, you need to have a little creativity. Make it difficult. Make it far from the front door. Even though it would be an inconvenience for you should you need to use it, you are also making it an inconvenience for robbers to find.

All of these small tricks may save you in the long run. The best way to safeguard your home is to use a security system. It helps to have extra measures in place, as well.