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Details: “Educents is comprised of team members that were born hungry to learn. We believe learning is a gift that pushes us to explore, discover, and study our surroundings. It’s what makes us human, and what motivates us to tackle any challenge. It’s why we wake up excited and go to bed restless. It gives us a sense of wonder and a sense that anything is possible if we only learn how.

Whether it’s in a college classroom led by a passionate professor (which is where two of our founders met), a library where readers can hunt for answers, or a casual setting that sparks a friendly debate, our pursuit of knowledge is inspired by our surroundings and connections and continuously grows our love of learning. We understand that there are many different types of learners out there, inspired by different people, subjects, or environments. Learning and teaching is a unique experience for every individual, so we make an effort to provide as wide a selection of educational materials as possible, all hand selected to make the learning process more effective, more enjoyable and more affordable for you and your students.”

~From Educent’s About Us Page

Personal Experience: I received a complimentary copy of the Kitty Cat Numeration & Ordering and the Getting Ready for Kindergarten books in pdf format for the purpose of this review. Kitty Cat Numeration & Ordering covers topics that include counting to 30, counting by 5’s, ordering days of the week, and ordering months of the year. It is 67 pages full of a variety of printable activities. Getting Ready for Kindergarten is a crash course in everything your child will need to know for kindergarten… from letters and numbers to social skills and motor skills.


Kitty Cat Numeration & Ordering is just chock-full of all things pre-school math. Even after two weeks of using the printables, we still haven’t used everything… we’ve just touched the surface. Bright, full-color graphics (and many black and white options) are available for each topic. I really love the arts and crafts style artwork. Each skill is taught from a variety of angles, so you an really tailor your child’s lesson to their strengths and weaknesses. You simply print out the pages you need and cut out the activities. Ideally, you’ll want some way to laminate the items for better durability. (FYI: Laminators vary in cost, but can be surprisingly affordable.)

It was no surprise to me that the Prince took to the puzzle pages that have the child lining up strips of a puzzle in order number. He loves puzzles! I did become surprised when we tried the match-up activity with the buttons and shoes. It took far less guidance than I expected for him to catch on to this game. He actually enjoys doing this activity so much that he will ask for his “buttons” at least once a day.

My only minor gripe with this activity was the pairs of shoes, but I found that it actually taught me a bit about a child’s ability to reason. The single pair of shoes on one of the tiles threw the Prince off a bit… he put that item on the “2” pile. He surprised me once again when he came to another tile with shoes and realized the shoes were counted in pairs and not as singles. He actually went back and corrected his mistake with the single pair!


Getting Ready for Kindergarten was really an eye-opener to how much a kindergarten child now needs to know. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well he was doing in many skills already and I gained a much better idea of what we need to focus more attention on. As a first-time parent, it has been really helpful.

I loved that they frequently incorporated different font styles and picture representations. It is very helpful in teaching a child to recognize the general shapes of a letter, number, or object and makes them less likely to look for an exact match. In just two weeks of use, I have noticed a significant improvement in how readily the Prince recognizes letters in numbers when written in different fonts. He’s pointing out more than ever.

Based on what I have experienced with this sampling, I would definitely use Educents again for this family’s educational needs. The prices are very reasonable, plus they offer numerous freebies worth checking out. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest deals and gifts.

Pros: Beautifully-done printables that are pleasant to look at, fun for kids, and full of information. Different font styles used to increase recognition of numbers and letters. Activities done in a way that you can use them in multiple ways. Downloads include ideas for use.

Cons: I do wish there was an option to buy laminated sets.

Overall Rating


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  1. My daughter loves to learn and be challenged, but I admit, I am not very pinterest-y. I’d rather have things already be made that I can use, so this is perfect! I will definitely look into this more! I also agree on the laminating for long term use.


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