Countless homeowners know that at one point they were tidy, organized people, but dropped the ball somewhere along the line. Added responsibilities, modern consumerism and a range of other factors can contribute to making our whole homes a chaotic, cluttered mess. Whether you’ve got a move on the horizon or you just want to remember what your kitchen table looks like, your home may be overdue for a big de-clutter. Here, I’ll list some of the best tips I’ve come across for organizing your home quickly and effectively.



The bulk of this post is going to focus on creative ways you can create more storage space in your home. However, one of the best things you can do to make your home more tidy and organized is getting rid of anything that you really don’t want or need anymore. All of us have a little hoarder in us, so getting rid of things can be pretty tough. However, if you really want to tidy the place up, going through the whole house and having a big purge is a great way to start. Gather up anything that’s worth selling, and stick it on your local classifieds. If anything doesn’t manage to sell, donate it to a charity. With anything left over, drive it down to your nearest dump or hire in a rubbish removal service.

Use a Wall

Sometimes, a cluttered home is simply down to having too much stuff for your available storage. If the main issue in your home is simply not having enough cupboards, then it may be time to roll up your sleeves and grit your teeth through some DIY. Putting up shelves is easy enough to do, and will immediately give you much more space to use.

Use Compartments

Sometimes, your main issue with clutter isn’t confined to the surfaces and floors in your home. Most of us have that one drawer in our bedrooms or kitchens which we use for anything that doesn’t really have a home. When we actually need something there, we open the drawer and we’re immediately confronted with one big layer of random bits and pieces! If this sounds familiar, then try dividing your drawer into compartments, and using them as the designated homes for your watch, your glasses, that jewelry you save for special occasions, and anything else that needs to be organized.

Shelves for Linens

Countless people know the frustration of keeping all their linens in a single, overly deep storage space, which makes it a challenge to actually reach anything other than those sheets and pillowcases right at the top. If it takes you forever just to find matching linens, then installing some rolling shelves in a cupboard is a great way to re-organise them. Putting away all your folded sheets, and knowing where they are in the future, will become so much easier with this simple change.Roll your T-Shirts

Roll your T-Shirts

If you keep your t-shirts in a drawer, and you’re having a similar issue as the linen one I mentioned above, then this one simple trick could totally turn things around. A lot of people don’t know it, but you can fit roughly a third more shirts in a drawer simply by rolling them up tightly rather than folding them. Aside from giving you more space to use, this will also keep all the patterns, logos and so on displayed. This means that your teenage daughter will be able to find that top she wants straight away, instead of making a big drama out of it!

Work on Wheels

If you work from home, then you’ll know just how quickly documents can pile up, adding to the mess you’re fighting so desperately. One great way of relieving some of the stress of this issue is getting yourself a rolling wire cart, and using it to store pens, staplers, hole punches, box files and whatever else you need. Using something like this will not only make your professional life more organised, but also give you the flexibility to take your work wherever you want. This means that you can catch up on TV, cook dinner, or simply bask in the sun while you go sort and file things. Also, thanks to the limited space, it won’t gather up any additional clutter, and encourage you to throw things out as you go.

If the clutter in your house was overwhelming, I hope these tips help you towards a home that’s open, tidy, and always easy to find things in.

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