A Sims player named Golden Simmer created a build challenge I just had to try. The goal is to build and furnish in only one color. The basic rules are below, but you can get the full details here. I didn’t really follow the rules because I wasn’t nominated and wasn’t given a color, but I like being all rebel-y so there! 😛

  • One color per home. Item must have mostly the color you’re doing. If it has multiple colors and the color you’re doing isn’t the majority of the item, you can’t use it. No orange stove or adult yellow bed? Then your house will not have that item… ANYWHERE!!
  • Trees, terrain paint, mailboxes, and rocks are the only exception to the landscape. Flowers do not count.
  • Only houses… no apartments or community lots.

I chose black. I guess I was feeling moody or just like black. 😉 Here we go…

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