This time of year it still doesn’t feel as though it’s been long since Christmas – and if you have some family birthdays coming up soon then you’re probably already a little worried about what exactly you should buy them. Your kids are a particularly hard ask. You know them so well that you know what they like – but you also know that your house is already full of colorful plastic toys that they get sick of easily, so you might be looking for something a little different. Never fear! Here are some tips to help…

Magazine Subscriptions

Even as adults, there’s not much that we love more than receiving post, so you can only imagine how exciting it would be for your kids. A magazine subscription is perfect for that – there’s a huge choice of publications out there, from magazines about Paw Patrol to carpentry to creative writing. No matter what your kid is into, there will be a magazine that they’ll love.

Creative Play


One of the best qualities to encourage in your kids is creativity so why not use their birthday gifts to emphasize that? Go for a box of second hand dressing up clothes, or a set of paper dolls that they can color in, or maybe even a puppet theater so they can make up their own shows and performances. Anything that gets your kids to use their imaginations will help them in every aspect of their lives.


It seems as though almost every child has a trampoline these days, so make sure that your kids don’t feel left out! If you have a big enough back yard then it’s the perfect gift that will keep them active all year round – and if you roll forward the clock a few years to when they’re teenagers, they’ll probably still be huddling on their trampolines surrounded by all their friends for parties. However, make sure you prioritize safety – for example, check out this Skywalker trampolines review (how safe are they really?). Ask other people for advice.

Craft Supplies


There’s very little that’s more exciting to receive as a gift than a big box of stuff that can be explored. Go to your local toy or craft store, and fill up a box with supplies like paints, fun paper, pastels, pencils, glitter, markers, glue, and chalk. Not only will your kid be enraptured on their birthday morning, but it’ll also keep them occupied for months afterward.



Enough said. Even if your child isn’t a bookworm, reading is something that you should always keep encouraging, from picture books to classics like Anne of Green Gables to modern classics like Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. There’s a wealth of incredible material out there!

Adopt An Animal

Teach your kids to be unselfish on their birthday by adopting and sponsoring an animal for them at your local zoo. A lot of the time you can even name the animals yourself and you might even get a cute soft toy to give to your kid as a gift alongside the certificate. Even better, you can take a family trip to the zoo together to visit the animal that you’ve adopted!

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