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There’s a lot to love about video games — the vast range of genres, the differences in storytelling between each game, the characters, and more. But do you know what the one thing is that really stands out? You guessed it — the visual style of a game.

Games span the spectrum of looks. From colorful and bright to dark and gloomy, each video game has an aesthetic that speaks to that game’s world. And whether you’re playing an adult third-person shooter with your husband or walking your kids through a platforming game, the look is really what draws you in.

So what would it be like if you — or your kids — could change the way a character looks? Well, in many games, you can. These are called in-game skins. And you know what else? You can also change the way your console looks! That’s called a physical skin.


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What are Skins?

If you don’t know what skins are, don’t worry — a lot of people don’t know the term but actually know it when they see it. A skin is either a physical or in-game appearance modification that changes the overall look of your gaming console on the physical end, and on the in-game end, it changes the look of a character, a vehicle, or a weapon. Maybe you or your family prefer games on your personal electronics, so phone skins and tablet skins might be more up your alley.

Virtual Skins

Virtual skins are massively popular, especially in MMO and licensed games — think games based on movies or some other popular franchise. These skins are full-on outfits for characters, and are generally just paint jobs on weapons or vehicles. In licensed games, they can evoke nostalgia for a particular outfit a known character has worn in tv shows, movies, or comic books.

You can get these skins one of two ways — either by completing an accomplishment within the game that has a skin attached to it, making the skin free, or by purchasing it from your console’s marketplace. There is also the option to wait for the “Game of the Year” edition of a favorite game, which generally includes all the skins already available within the game.

Please keep in mind that virtual skins cannot be modified — that outfit will always look the way it did when you first purchased it. Also, it can be very difficult to find virtual skins that are made by third-party suppliers, especially if you own a gaming console and not a PC, as all skins are crafted by the developers themselves.


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Physical Skins

Physical skins, on the other hand, are an altogether different beast. Physical skins change the appearance of your gaming console or laptop. These skins can come as a pre-made vinyl wrap or as a customized look, depending on your specifications. And, as an aside, it’s a great way to surprise your little one with their first console, decorated with their favorite colors or characters!

Physical skins are often used by professional gamers during conferences and gaming competitions. Console skins or laptop skins can help them locate their gear faster and gives them a unique look. But it can also be a great way to spruce up your own console at home.

It’s important to note that physical skins are available only for gaming consoles, but unlike in-game skins, third-party developers can and do sell original and custom designs. Ranging from super affordable to a little bit pricey, these physical skins are gaining popularity, especially with young children.

All gamers, from the youngest to the oldest, love to customize their gaming experience as much as possible. With the addition of in-game and physical skins, this is becoming a reality. And with the ability to choose whatever style suits your family best, moms just like you are finding it easier than ever to build a gaming experience that the entire household will enjoy.

Bio – This guest post contribution is courtesy of MightySkins. Located in Florida, MS creates vinyl skins for a wide variety of electronics ranging from phones and laptops to gaming consoles and vaping equipment to coolers and tumblers.

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