Green Coffee & Weight Loss

You may have recently noticed a surge in discussions about the latest “miracle weight loss pill” to hit the market: Green Coffee Bean Extract. The excitement grew when popular television physician Doctor Oz conducted an unofficial study of some of his...

{CI2PI Challenge} Day 42

There are no screenshots to share with you today. My day was filled with making arrangements for my son’s second birthday party that is on Saturday. I did some furniture rearranging, tackled a few cleaning projects, dealt with the laundry, and hung some...

{CI2PI Challenge} Day 40 & 41

I am sick of being in pain. Ever since that fall down the stairs almost two years ago, it seems like it takes very little to have me aching all over again. I never stopped being sore from our walk through the nature preserve. It’s ridiculous. Just pushing a cart...

{CI2PI Challenge} Day 38 & 39

Day 38  As I mentioned in a previous post, we spend a chunk of Saturday wandering a nature preserve to take pictures of Xander. I only had Nexercise on to track part of it because the GPS signal was too weak to be accurate. Day 39 I underestimated the difference...

{CI2PI Challenge} Day 30 & 31

I did absolutely nothing physical on day 30. With only three hours of sleep and a weird spasm in my back, I decided to lay low and rest for the day. Gelatinous blob would probably be a more accurate description. I felt a little more rested today (day 31) but I decided...

{CI2PI Challenge} Day 29

Ugh. I am still so sore. I don’t know what the deal was today… err yesterday now… but I was a mass of aching muscles. My muscles were aching so badly that my bones hurt. I still got out there, though… I had five likes and comments to push me...
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