{Striiving for Fitness} Day 14

Not much to say except that it was a great day for steps. I was on a roll! I blew away my 6,000 step minimum and made it beyond my 8,000 goal. I began with my 600 calories and added 935 from exercise, which gave me a total of 1,535 to eat. I ate 1,415 calories…...

{Striiving for Fitness} Day 13

An average day. The weather at least improved some, but I had so much to do inside that I didn’t get to enjoy the outside. Snow in the forecast again, so who knows when my walking weather will finally get here. If it were just me I would be out every day...

{Striiving for Fitness} Day 7

Blech! Day 7 was worse than I expected. I sat too much and ate too much. I didn’t track my food… big mistake. I finished the day with a pathetic 1,784 steps. I began with my 600 calories and added 378 from exercise, which gave me a total of 978 to eat. I...

{Striiving for Fitness} Day 6

I was certain day six was going to be a low day for steps, but Mom and I were doing a Walkathon with each other in Striiv and she passed me the baton some time in the afternoon. At that time I had just over 1000 steps. Pathetic! I set out to do the whole 5000 steps of...

{Striiving for Fitness} Day Five

Day five was tough! My heel was even more sore than the day before and I was walking strangely to avoid putting pressure on it… which made my ankle and knee sore. We had to get our shopping done, though. That is the only reason my steps were so high yesterday....

{Striiving for Fitness} Day Four

I had to play catch-up on my steps yesterday in order to at least make my minimum goal of 6000 steps. I was momentarily taken out of commission by a foot injury. We have a transition strip between the kitchen and dining room that needs replaced or repaired. I have...

{Striiving for Fitness} Day Three

Just a quick update today. Didn’t do fantastic on steps for Wednesday… the 3 hours sitting on my butt for knitting club didn’t help, but I did some elliptical time when I got back home. I had to make up for the three Girl Scout Thin Mints I nibbled...
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