I am all off schedule with these tutorials! I had promised you all the stockinette tutorial last week, but I have a good reason for missing it… I couldn’t knit. Gasp! Horror! I know… it was awful! My son had been in the hospital and that meant I was using the hospital soap for a whole day. Anyone with sensitive skin probably just cringed and tried to hide their hands. An old chemical burn injury left me with super-sensitive skin and my hands were a hot mess. They definitely were not camera ready!

I did plan to do the stockinette tutorial this week, but I had a request for clarification on the heel of my Willow Socklets pattern. I did try to explain in a comment, but as a visual learner, I thought it might help to make a quick video tutorial. It’s also the heel I use on all my socks, so I figured this might come up again. I just happened to be at the heel part of my most recent socks. I’m a little sore and stiff in the fingers yet, but here we go…

The Stockinette tutorial should be here next week… I just need to keep my hands out of the hospital. 😉

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