Once upon a time, my husband and  were content to use a boring old showerhead with no features. Then we went on a cruise and they had these amazing handheld showerheads with a bunch of settings. It’s no joke when I say that we went out and bought a handheld for our house the weekend after we got home. Oh, but how I wish we had done our research! It was okay, but it started to break down rather quickly and there was just no pressure. We were due for a replacement. So I was quite happy to oblige when ipShowers offered me the chance to review their HotelSpa LED Hand Shower with Temperature Sensor in exchange for my honest opinion.

It took us literally 10 minutes to unbox, remove the old shower head, and install the HotelSpa LED Hand Shower. We did need a wrench to remove the old showerhead, but installing the new one involved no tools. All of the plumbing tape and washers that we needed were included.


I knew we were going to love it from the instant we turned it on. I could tell just by sight that the water pressure was considerably better than we’d been living with. Even the gentle mist setting still has some water pressure behind it.


The LED lights are a fun feature, but they’re also functional. As the temperature rises the lights change to indicate the current temperature. This has proven to be a useful safety feature in a family with a young kid and pets. We’re better able to tell at a glance if the water is safe for bathing those who can’t always tell us the water isn’t just right. It’s also great as an adult… I can now tell at a glance that the water is up to temperature and ready for me to jump in. No more shock of cold water on a winter morning! The lights are bright enough that you could shower in a bright candlelight-like atmosphere if you were so inclined. The LEDS are powered by the water going through the showerhead, so you never have to worry about replacing batteries.

The showerhead comes with a built-in notch to hang it for overhead showering. My husband was impressed with the long handle on the showerhead, because he isn’t forced to stoop his 6’2″ frame quite so far to get under the shower stream. There is also a generous length of coil for hand showering. It allows for reaching every corner of the shower, so you can rinse every inch of your self, your shower walls, and any smaller kids or creatures you may be bathing in the tub. 


It just got better once I was actually under that showerhead for myself. The water pressure proved to be as great as I had anticipated. There are seven settings to choose from. For the average person (including myself) the center setting will probably be your most commonly used. It provides a generous array of water droplets in multiple streams and has a mid-range water pressure. You can drop to a gentle mist that I think would be very cooling in the summer. The other end of the spectrum gives you a strong but not overly intense single pulsating stream that is great for working out knots in your shoulders. There’s a setting one step below that gives you a slightly more gentle center stream combined with the array of streams around it. Overall, a wide variety of settings to suit your shower needs. There is even a pause function that slows the water flow to a trickle to save water. I’ve also found this setting very useful when bathing our cats.

My only complaint is a very minor one. There is a bit of a sound I can best describe as a buzz or a fast whirring noise. I’m not sure if it’s the sound of the water pressing through the holes of the showerhead or if this has to do with the mechanism needed to power the LEDs. Either way, it’s a tiny price to pay for a great all-around shower experience.

If you’re redecorating on a budget, don’t let the price scare you away. It is worth every penny of the $79.99 it retails for, but I’ll let you in on a little secret… you can find it for even lower prices at the stores I link to below. We paid over $80 for our last handheld showerhead and it was simply pathetic compared to the quality and features available in this showerhead. Don’t waste your money on knock-offs… go order the HotelSpa LED Hand Shower or one of the other great ipShowers products now! Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Pros: Beautiful chrome styling with futuristic-looking LEDs. Changes color with the temperature. Seven settings ranging from deep massage to water saver. Overhead or handheld. Lightweight but sturdy. Generous coil length. Great value!

Cons: Slight buzzing sound on the high-pressure settings.

Overall Experience


This advanced LED hand shower from ipShowers is powered by running water, so no batteries are required. This luxurious shower handle operates either overhead or in hand and features seven settings for an enjoyable shower experience. ($79.99)

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