Getting back in shape is one of my biggest goals. In the past, biking has been the key to my success. It’s been a bit difficult to find the time to get on my bike lately, so when I do have the time I want to work out smarter. Along came MeasuPro! They sent me their Wireless Bicycle Computer in exchange for my honest review.


The MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer consists of the computerized display that attaches to your handlebars, a sensor and magnet that attach to your bike frame and wheel, and a chest strap for tracking heart rate.

I’m no genius when it comes to this stuff, but installation was very simple. You attach a piece to the handlebars with a couple of small zip ties. This piece is where you can insert and remove the computerized display that is the heart of this setup. Next you install a sensor on the frame of your bike near the wheel. (More zip ties) You then screw on a tiny magnet to the wheel itself and take a few measurements to make sure the magnet and sensor are aligned correctly. They even included foam pieces at strategic places to protect the finish of your bike.


The computer is pretty straightforward. It was a little tricky to get my personal settings, but once I did it has been smooth sailing. I love having all the features of my stationary bike now available to me on the go. Knowing how fast I’m actually moving (versus how fast I think I’m moving) has been a big part of making the most of my limited time. I’m getting a better idea of how my speed is improving.

The built-in heart rate monitor helps with my goals too. It has been accurate for me. The results were very similar to the numbers I saw with my standalone heart rate monitor. I love that I don’t need to wear the bulky watch of my usual heart rate monitor. The chest strap is not very comfortable, but at my weight and… ummm… chest size… I have yet to meet a chest strap that is actually comfortable. This is a pretty standard heart rate monitor chest strap. I like that you can program in your heart rate range and get alerts when you are outside this range.


Just to add that extra touch, they even included a backlight to the display. It’s a little thing, but it shows that MeasuPro was really thinking about what we would want in a bicycle computer. This is nice touch if you like to bike in the cooler temperatures of early morning or late evening.

Pros: All in one. Accurate monitoring of speed, distance, and heart rate. Backlight. Easy to install.

Cons: Can someone please make a comfortable chest strap for us bigger ladies?

Overall Rating


measuprologoPerfection redefined. Inspired by a passion for accuracy, MeasuPro transformed the market of household measuring equipment with innovative products for your everyday measuring needs. With its high standards for perfection, each MeasuPro product offers incredible deliverance of quality and precision. Designed to promote everyday convenience, the only thing as great as MeasuPro’s unique design is the impressive value of its product performance.

All the information you need at your fingertips! The MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer will you provide you with all the readings you need to track cycling results and improve your bike trips. With its built in speedometer, timer, odometer and calorie tracker this compact unit is nothing short of awesome, and operating it is as simple as can be. Now you can clearly see your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Data can be displayed by current or total calculations. When you spin with this Wireless Bike Computer you can take advantage of all of its features including a built in 5. KHz heart rate monitor that’s is programmable for min/max heart rate within four alert sets. This cyclocomputer will alert you if your heart rate rises above your desired setting and will also calculate your max and average speed and distance. You can then choose to display the data as current, maximum, or average. All these features coupled with MeasuPro’s excellent customer service and two-year warranty make it one of the best bike on the market. Take your cycling to the next level and start living intelligently. ($89.99; Buy on Amazon for $34.99)

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