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As we rapidly approach the epicenter of the holiday season, you might already be indulging in more food and drink that you would at ordinary times of the year. We all know how it is, and many of us end up regretting our indulgences during the holiday season later on when January arrives and we stand on the scales.

It’s a good idea to start planning your post-Christmas diet and fitness plans now if you want to shift that weight as soon as the new year rolls around. There are ideas you can start to think through and plans that can be put in place to maximise your gains later on. Read on to learn more about this planning.

Set Some Realistic Goals

First of all, you’re going to need to have some realistic goals in place that you can work towards when the time comes to do so. You won’t get very far with all this if you plan on setting goals for yourself that you’re realistically never going to be able to achieve. It’s just not helpful to take that kind of approach. So, be sure to set goals that you feel you have a realistic chance of attaining in the weeks and months ahead of you.

Don’t Expect to Start at 100%

Starting slowly is an important part of getting fit and losing weight because of you push yourself too hard from the get-go, you’ll probably make mistakes or feel like giving up quickly. That’s clearly not what you want so you should start planning for how you’ll start your exercise and fitness regime in January. Don’t expect yourself to be running 10km every morning from January 1st onwards because it simply won’t happen.


Learn More About Portion Sizes

One of the biggest hurdles people run into with their eating habits is a lack of control over portion sizes. Even if you’re eating a relatively healthy meal, it can all be derailed and ruined if you’re eating enough for two. Recommended portion sizes are often a lot smaller than most people realize they are, and that’s something you need to address now. Start doing some research and learning more about what good portion control looks like.

Choose Diet Shakes You Want to Try

Diet shakes can be useful as a way of detoxing and stopping the rot after a long Christmas period of excess and unhealthy eating. They can be used as meal replacements, and you can then avoid cramming too much into your diet. Instead, you’ll be focused mainly on the shakes and you won’t have to worry about what to eat for one of your meals each day. Many people use diet shakes on a ketogenic plan, so explore that option. It might really help you get in shape.

Learn How to Ride Out Your Cravings

Research tells us that on average cravings last for around 10 minutes. That’s not very long, is it? It should give you the spur and motivation to know that you are capable of riding out those cravings when they start to hit. If you can last those first 10 minutes without giving in to temptation, you will probably be able to ride out the craving and stop yourself from falling back into old and unhealthy habits.

Find a Swimming Pool You Can Use

Swimming is the ideal way to get into a positive fitness routine. It’s good for people who are not used to doing very much exercise because your body’s weightless when it’s on the water. This makes it kind to your joints and muscles, which has to be a good thing. Find a swimming pool that’s close to you and see if you can get involved when the new year arrives in a few weeks.


Start Flavouring Meals with Salsa and Spices

The sauces and flavorings we so often use to give our meals some extra kick can often be very unhealthy and full of fat. That’s clearly not a good thing for your fitness plans, and it’s why you should get into the habit of flavoring some of your meals with salsa and spices. These don’t contain any fat and usually only contain healthy and natural ingredients, making them ideal for flavoring a meal that needs a little something extra.

We all know how difficult it can be to get things back on track when you’ve spent the Christmas period eating too much and not doing a lot in the way of exercise. By thinking about all of this now, you’ll be able to hit the ground running later.

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