Stay Fit and Healthy With These 6 Apps

scale-403585_640If you’re like most people, one item that’s almost always with you is your smartphone. This kind of ubiquity makes your smartphone the perfect way to track your health and stay fit. Check out these apps that you can use on a phone from any great carrier to stay fit and healthy.

1. Runtastic Running and Fitness

Whether you’re looking to get started with running or you are a seasoned racer, Runtastic is the app for you. Not only can it keep track of the length and duration of your runs; it also automatically produces graphs with elevation, pace, and heart rate information. Runtastic also has a YouTube channel which offers guides for weight loss, working on endurance, running a marathon, and more. Best of all, you can use Runtastic no matter what kind of smartphone you have; it’s available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices.

2. Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal

When trying to stay fit, diet and exercise go hand in hand. The Calorie Counter app by is one of the best ways to keep track of your diet while trying to keep in shape. Using this app, you can enter the foods that you eat throughout the day and keep track of calories you consume. The app has a database of over 3 million foods, so you’ll always be able to enter your meal accurately. When you enter the foods that you eat, the app will automatically calculate easy-to-read nutrition reports that display vitamin and mineral deficits and calorie counts. Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

tape-403593_6403. The 7 Minute Workout

If time is in short supply, a 7 minute workout app may be for you. These apps contain brief exercises like jumping jacks, push ups, and crunches that can be completed in 7 minutes or less and help build strength and stamina. The 7 Minute Workout app for iOS is completely voice narrated, so the entire exercise routine can be completed without constantly referring back to your device. The 7 Minute Workout app for Android smartphones contains the same features as the iOS app, and you can also set reminder notifications so you don’t forget your workout. This app is a must for busy professionals.

4. Workout Trainer

If you want a personal trainer without the hassle of going to a gym, Workout Trainer is for you. This app includes free and premium workouts and virtual personal trainers that are with you during every stage of your workout. Included photos, videos, and audio ensures that you’re doing all the exercises correctly. You can get Workout Trainer for free on your Android smartphone, and you can make in-app purchases of some features.


JEFIT is a great app for those looking to specialize in body-building exercises. JEFIT includes strength training exercises that include weights as well as those that don’t require weights. You can also choose to tape-403590_640get exercises based on specific body areas (i.e. biceps, triceps, legs). Your workouts are automatically recorded and tracked so you can see your progress, and a rest timer is included so you don’t have to worry about over-working your muscles. JEFIT is free on Android and iOS, with premium features available for purchase.

6. Argus

Argus turns your phone into a FitBit or Jawbone type of device. This app tracks your daily movements so you can keep track of how much exercise you get on a daily basis and see how much more you need. You can also track how much water you drink and log additional workouts with Argus. It’s a great app for establishing how active you are on a daily basis without having to purchase a separate device. Argus is currently available for $1.99 on iOS only.

The fitness craze has officially hit smartphones, and there are a ton of apps out there designed to help your body reach its potential. The above-listed apps are some of the best. Choose any — or all — of them and let them turn your phone into your best workout buddy.

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