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Life is very different for the modern family. We live in a chaotic age. Everything is fast-moving, whether it’s the technology we use or our workloads at jobs and school. We’re so concerned with being a productive society and overloading ourselves with information that we often forget to take a step back and relax. Most importantly, we often neglect to spend enough time with our families. Whether it’s because you spend most of your day in the office or because your kids rush upstairs to watch YouTube videos on their tablets once they get in from school, we could all do more to stay connected with one another in the modern world.

And this doesn’t mean that you need to throw out all your modern commodities. Staying connected with your family isn’t about cutting yourself off from the civilized world; it’s about embracing the world together. Yes, everyone needs a little bit of alone time, but you should share some things with your family. Above all else, it’s healthy to do so. Too much isolation can affect your mental health. So, let’s talk about some of the ways in which you could stay connected as a family in the modern world.

Go On a Mini Trip

Maybe you already organize an annual family vacation for the winter or summer break, but family time should be more than a yearly occurrence. You have work and the kids have school, of course, but that isn’t the case every single day. You could have mini family breaks on weekends. Why not hop in the car this Friday and take your family on a road trip? It could be a chance to go on an adventure together and bond as a family. One or two days of road-tripping is barely any time out of your busy lives at all, but it’s definitely enough time to make some powerful memories.

One day, your kids will be grown up, and they’ll be able to look back on their childhood fondly if they remember all the fun little trips you went on. You could simply drive to nearby towns or cities that you’ve never visited before. You could even visit a nearby national park and turn your adventure into a camping trip. Getting away from your house and all your technological commodities for a couple of days might help to clear your heads and get everyone in the family to socialize with one another. So don’t wait until next summer or winter to schedule a family vacation; pick a random weekend to take the family on a mini adventure. You might not be able to tour Europe in a weekend, but you can certainly find something fun to do.

Eat Together

It’s a simple piece of advice, but it’s one that many families could do with taking on board. You might think of a meal as nothing more than a necessary part of your day. We all need to eat, after all. However, it’s more than that in our society. It’s a chance for families and friends to gather together and enjoy shared company. Whether you spend the majority of your time talking and laughing or simply nodding your heads in appreciation of the great food on your plates, the point is that you and your family will be spending time together. That’s what counts.


Have a Family Games Night

Another great way to stay connected as a family is to arrange a games night. Kids don’t always want to talk about “boring adult stuff” with their parents, and who can blame them? Still, everybody loves games. If you want to get the whole family in one room then a game might be the best way to do so. A classic such as Snakes and Ladders could really do the trick. Of course, you could modernize your games night for the twenty-first century if your kids aren’t really interested in old-fashioned board games. Rather than letting your kids play video games anti-socially, maybe you should seize the opportunity to connect as a family in a virtual world. You could play FF15 and have multiplayer battles with your family. Obviously, you might have to let the kids win a few games in order to keep the peace, but the point is that technology isn’t always the enemy. You can use it to connect your family rather than keeping you apart. The only important thing on games night is that you’re all playing a game together.

Start a New Tradition

Any of the suggestions in this list could help you out. You could make “family games night” your weekly or monthly tradition, for example. Alternatively, you could simply set aside a couple of hours on a Friday night to watch a film together. Choose something that everyone will enjoy, get some snacks, and hook up some surround-sound speakers. That sounds like a great evening. The tradition itself isn’t the important part; you don’t have to think of something extravagant or adventurous. The important thing is simply that you and your family are getting together on a regular basis to enjoy one another’s company. If you make it a tradition then you’ll make a habit of socializing with one another; it won’t just be a one-time thing. That’s how great memories are made.

Arrange Weekly Family Meetings

One of the best ways to stay connected as a family in this hectic modern world is to arrange weekly family meetings. If you struggle to spend enough time together then you can quickly lose track of the things that are happening in the lives of your family members. However, a weekly meeting can help to ensure that you’re all on the same page. You can go around the room and let everybody talk about how their week has been. After that, you could make plans for fun things to do as a family; maybe you’ll be deciding whether to have pizza or not on Saturday, or maybe you’ll be arranging a date for your next family break. These meetings give you and your family the opportunity to keep up with each other.

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